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Jul 15, 2007
As most of you probably know on 28.02.07 the turkish parliament banned online gambling for turkish residents. So it was 4 and a half months ago. I had some money in Blackjackheaven casino, to be more precise- 1600 dollar. Until the recent times (lets say 2 weeks ago) i was able to access that balance without problem. But two days ago i found my account blocked. I contacted webdollar support. They informed me that because of the turkish ban (which happened almost 5 months ago) they locked all the turkish accounts. When,in my next email , i asked them about the fate of my money i got the next reply:

Dear Valued Player,

With regards to your email, unfortunately all accounts have been closed for
turkish players due to a turkish ban.

All the money will be sent to our turkish players but due to the Webdollar
office being shortstaffed during the summer period it can take a few months.

In the meantime we are grateful for your patience!

Best Regards,

WebDollar Representative


A few months??? Just to get my money? Why should i care about their office being shortstaffed? May be they want me to come to their office to help them to pay me? Why they closed my account now and not immediately after the ban was introduced? May be they use this ban as an excuse to steal my money?


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Oct 14, 2004
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.... So why wait 5 months UNTIL they are short staffed, and then give them a truckload of work to get through.

It is BS for another reason. If it can take "months" to pay off these closed accounts, it should be taking "months" to pay existing players.

A quick spray, and "access to the facts".

Webdollar CANNOT take "months" to process withdrawals for current players, it would lose them business.
For the Turkish players, IT DOESN'T MATTER! They can take as long as they like, they don't want their continued business any way!

This happens EVERY BLOODY TIME a particular group gets the shove from a casino. Suddenly, withdrawals move from taking days to taking MONTHS. In MOST CASES, it is not down to a sudden change by an external agency, it is down to a change of business direction by the casino in responce to a known change that has happened, or might soon happen, that makes a particular group unprofitable, or that outs their staff at risk of legal action.

Webdollar should have started this process back in March, as soon as the ban was enacted into Turkish law. They could have allowed an orderly wind down of Turkish accounts, rather than a mass blocking when they have only summer staffing levels.
Looks rather like they were intending to flout the Turkish ban, but something just happened that scared the sh1t out of them, so they pull this kneejerk reaction all of a sudden, leaving Turkish players stunned, and funds trapped. This is a bit like Neteller, they intended to take it to the wire (July 2007), but were forced into a kneejerk response when their founders were arrested.


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Mar 10, 2005

Summer's over, whatever happened to your money?

nevermind. Gotta love 1 post wonders....last day of activity: day of post :rolleyes:

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