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Sep 20, 2001
Has anyone had problems with any of the Webdollar boss media casinos not paying them?

I have $3500 in withdrawls unprocessed and it's been almost 3 weeks.

I'm waiting for a 1K wire since Sept. 8 too, it's still listed as 'printed" as of today, Sept. 21. Previously, few weeks ago I had to wait for a $600 wire for about a month. My wife made a check withdrawal of a small amount on Sept. 8 as well in a different BM casino. She got her check from Sweden today issued this time by Svedbank not by the Canadian Caisse Populair as in a few cases before.

It looks like Webdollar is again in the process of changing their banks.
Not just webdollar- be waiting for a 3-7 day wire for 2500 since August 25th from RTG site. Getting seriously to the point where will look at playing only at sites I know have FAST turnaround- vegas USA and Global Player.

Pity- I like rtg and the jokers wild is where I have had all five of my royal flushes- still the frustration level begins to outweigh the enjoyment and winning of late.
I have been paid by some of them only. Others still owe me, refuse to communicate. I have downgraded all Webdollar casinos to the "unreliable" status.

I have downgraded all Webdollar casinos to the "unreliable" status.

You have a casino review website? Care to share the url with us?
I have received nothing but good service and prompt payouts from Webdollar casinos over a 4 year period. This company is solid as a rock.
I will continue to deposit at these casinos.
Its unfair to cast judgement about them based on a couple of instances of bad service. I judge Webdollar not by its most recent problems, but
by all its years in existence.

Jen - I don't blame you for being upset. Thier
lack of communications lately is completely unacceptable. The same is true of thier payment delays. However, for several weeks in August, and perhaps September, there was a NOTICE that appeared in the Webdollar cashier stating that there would be unexpected delays for withdrawals.
This notice not only popped up for players who wanted to withdraw, but also popped up for players about to make a deposit. Therefore, you must give them credit for making players aware, ahead of time, that there were problems.

I believe they were forced into changing banks due to possible money laundering concerns by law enforcement officials in Sweden and elsewhere.
They had no control over this. Unfortunately,
they weren't adequately prepared for the changeover. THIS IS THIER OWN FAULT. If they were smart, they would have had a second, third, and fourth bank ready as a backup in case of problems with the Bank of Sweden. But as you can clearly see, they had no backup, and had to go scrambling around to try to find a quick substitute.

Even despite this problem, if thier customer service had remained responsive, most players would cut them some slack, and give them the benefit of the doubt. But thier lack of customer service that bothers me. They should have responded to your emails, and even if they couldn't pay you immediately, at least keep you updated.

I have been assured by Webdollar that these customer service related issues are in the process of being resolved, and they will not let it happen again. The same goes for thier banking situation.

I think you are making a mistake downgrading them to "unreliable" status.
Also Jen,
In Oct 2000, you posted this message:

About Webdollar. During this October we have made six wire
cashins. Every sigle one arrived to our account less than
withdrawn: $20, $21.80, $25 short. Webdollar has promised to
reimburse once we fax the wire receipts, but this still continues.
I will have probably 3-5 wires more.

Please let me know if you were reimbursed for these. It turns out you weren't the only one who experienced these "short" wires, and these fees were being charged by thier bank WITHOUT WEBDOLLAR'S KNOWLEDGE. Many of the CSR's
put players through hoops to get these fees back.
But once top management confirmed the problem, Webdollar absorbed these costs and reimbursed anyone who requested it.
O.K. Dave, I have upgraded them to the reliable with payment problems, to avoid for a while status. This is my mental rating, of cause.

Thank you for your reminder of those last October wires. I am still unpaid.
The situation is now as follows:

I made five wire withdrawals last October while my wife made four of them at different casinos, some of them at Challenge. Each one arrived short of some money: from $17.50 to $25, sometimes it was odd amount like $21.80. This was not my bank fees as those, if any, are always listed separately. The total short wired amount is $105 for me and $76.80 for my wife.

I emailed Webdollar and got a response from their Sam Kentish sam@webdollar.com requesting to fax him wire receipts and promising to reimburse us. I did the faxing but nothing followed. I emailed again several times to this Sam, all my emails were ignored. So, I decided I had to eat that: they did not want to pay I could not force them. I had to write off that money as losses incurred due to dishonest casino operators. On your insistense I could write it off now under dishonest actions of honest casino operators.

Some time later, this summer I learned that somebody was actually reimbursed so I approached Sam once again. No response. Today, following your reminder we have sent reimbursement requests to support@webdollar.com. Now waiting.

What else could I do, Dave? Your opinion as well as anybody elses one would be much appreciated.

About their current payment problems: I have had a different experience with others. Once the ill-famed Asian Gamble failed to process the refund of my $1,000 deposit back to my card, so few days later I got a $1K draft via DHL at their expense. In another instance another casino could not process my wire withdrawal so they sent it by Western Union.
Ive been also having problems receiving my payment since around the middle of August. After going through the process of sending a copy of my credit card and drivers license during the first week, I anxiously awaited for the check. I called at the beginning of last week and they said the records show that it was sent on August 31. They said to wait for 21 days and if I still have not received it, they will cancel the check and issue another one.

On Monday I called them back and they finally tell me they are having major problems with their current bank and that they are in the process of switching banks. They claim they are being defrauded and that in a couple of weeks everything should be resolved.
The good thing is Webdollar/Boss Media seems to have a pretty good reputation on the net and although payment may be slow at times, they do end up paying.

Online casino businesses HAVE to understand that when it comes to handling financial transactions, they cannot have any excuses and must setup contingency plans. Many players need these payments to pay off debts in a timely manner or have other bills to pay, so taking over a month to receive payment is simply inexcusable.

Although Webdollar may be a reputable operation, it only takes one incident to turn customers away. And believe me, being in the service industry, I know firsthand how difficult it is to keep every customer happy. But I think we can all agree that this is a major blunder by a high regarded company like Webdollar/Boss Media.
I do hope that this is a one-time occurrence. If and when I do receive my payment, I would like build my confidence again in using Webdollar. Time will only tell.

Dave The message stating that they are having problems with withdrawals was taken off the website around the middle of August. I know because I made a deposit after that was removed, figuring everything was ok now. I WOULD NOT have made a deposit if they were still having problems. Posting that message was probably hurting their business because of the lack of deposits, so they probably decided to remove the statement.
Thanks Dave, Jen, and everyone else on this board. I feel more at ease when issues like this are shared and discussed.
It's been about a month and a half and still have not received my check.
I'll keep everyone posted regarding this matter. Anyone else out there in my similar situation with Webdollar(other than the ones already posted)?
Thanks for keeping us updated. I believe you will get paid, as they are working very hard to fix thier recent payout situation. However, there is SIMPLY NO EXCUSE for what they have done to you.
A month and a half to wait for a check is ridiculous. Its one thing if you were the only player that fell through the cracks.

But I have read other complaints on several message boards. Its the pattern that gives it away. A lot of players are upset with them.

While I feel they are a reputable company, they are starting to lose credibility with me. They need to get thier act together quickly so as to re-earn players' trust.
I have never had a problem with receiving my funds from WebDollar and the Boss Media casino's. I always request payment via Paypal and have had my payments within 3 business days (or less) in all instances except one (which was an honest to God mistake and I received the money within another day or two). I have withdrawn funds from at least 4 different Boss Media casino's since August, always via Paypal. I have been personally quite impressed by their responsiveness and speed. My suggestion is to use Paypal for withdrawals instead of wire transfers or checks. It's free, reliable and fast.
Webdollar's temporary banking problems seem to be developing gradually into permanent ones. I'm still waiting for my wire of ten days ago, it is still "printed". Webdollar's Canadian checks are now $3.75 costlier as my bank has started to charge this fee.
Right from the horse's mouth:

All banking problems have now been resolved -- with the exception of wire transfers.

Bankdrafts/checks are now back to thier usual time frame of approx 5 business days. (USA)

Paypal withdrawals are the fastest and best way.
Withdrawal varies from SAME day to a max of 3 business days. However, consensus from most customers indicates 1 business day.

Wire transfers withdrawals can take approx 2 weeks. Bossmedia has been defrauded by one of thier banks in Sweden that claimed it could handle a large business volume. (It is rumored on various message boards that Bossmedia was swindled out of tens of thousands by this bank. The person I spoke to at Webdollar would neither confirm or deny these rumors!) The bank broke its promise, violated the terms of its contract.
The bank they are currently using refuses to send out more than TEN wire transfers per day. Keep in mind that since Webdollar services all 34+ Bossmedia casinos, there are times when more than 10 players (from all casinos combined) will withdraw $$ in a single day via wire transfers. This is what created a backlog which is approx 2 weeks. PLAYERS ARE BEING PAID.

Other banks that Webdollar deals with will NOT send wires to the United States or certain other countries. One bank that Webdollar has dealt with in the past is refusing to service them at all (somehow this bank found out that Webdollar was linked to these online casinos and cutoff all service.)

Webdollar advises customers to try to avoid wire transfer withdrawals, if possible, and use the two other withdrawal methods listed above so as to ensure timely payments.
I made two Webdollar requests/withdrawals via snail mail. Took about ten calendar days to arrive.

Wire problems seem to be corrected at Webdollar now. My latest wire results: cashed out on Wednesday - got money in my bank account on Friday. My previous wire took ten days.

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