Webcast - 9 March 2011 - Blast from the past - Interview with Spearmaster 4 Feb. 2004


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Jun 30, 1998
Today would have been Ted's 47th birthday. And to celebrate this with you all, I dug up an interview I did with him for the Casinomeister webcast back in 2004 right after the ICE in London.

It's short, but includes basic but sage advice for newbie players and webmasters .

It's also great to hear his voice again.

Enjoy :D

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In case you want to hear the rest of the broadcast (report on ICE London - interview with Ed Ware 32red, Tim Whyles - Wagershare, and Herman Gort - Neteller's CEO, RTG's Eddy Kleid) - it may be from 2004 but still pertains to the industry today.

You can even hear how the Virtual Group fed me BS in London.

You need Real Player to listen :D
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44 minutes long - time to kill a lunch break
I was wondering what is the time sequel between webcasts? As some is done in February, next on 3th March and the other one on 9th March ? I am just curious :rolleyes:

Thank you
I actually try to do one every two weeks, but unfortunately I have a lot going on so it's about one every three to four weeks. I'm hoping to have one by this Friday, but the forum upgrade is sucking up a lot of my time at the moment :D

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