we need a BingoMeister!!!


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Mar 28, 2005
I think the online bingo players need a bingomeister like the casinomeister here. There are many bingos which use cheating tactics like house players, etc. I have been playing online bingo since 2000 and I must tell ya I have seen some things which make me see red. The online bingo industry is not regulated by anyone and can do whatever they feel like.

The one thing that really gets me is that players are so used to seeing the bs that they just turn their heads the other way. Yes, a site may have good customer relations.Yes they may do your withdrawls fast. But if they are using house players to take wins from regular depositors, then they are no better than the rogues casinos out there.

Case in point....A very popular bingo site, which shall remain nameless for the time being, has someone playing on their site that has won 9 jp's last year, 13 jackpots this year, 2 even on the same day. Now you may say..."well she is just lucky". But is that the case???? Take into consideration that she hits mega jp's on keno and pull tabs...this happens at least a couple times a week. Take into consideration the fact that she wins multiple bingo games...everyday. I played at this site a couple of years and not a day has gone by that this woman has not won. But then of course she plays 24/7 365 days a year. Well i guess this brings up her odds. We should all be so lucky. I used to play 24/7 and never won nearly this much.

I know that everyone can have a streak of luck and it can run for a period of time. But i have never known anyone that can win multiple jp's, keno and pull tabs in the thousands. Do you? Are you or do you know anyone this lucky????????? I don't!! Well maybe this is why I now will never play online bingo until some sort of regulations are enforced. I loved this bingo site and defended them but no more...what you sow, so shall you reap.....JMHO
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I also think bingo sites need to be watched. I had a very bad experience with one bingo site, i was denided my $1000 cashin because i cashed in my winnings and played on the $50 bonus that i got from my $100 deposit. Now mind you that you have to wager your deposit 20 x's before any bonus becomes qualified.

Seeing that the bonus became "qualified" the bonus was mine, and if you cashin they dont remove the bonus. You are free to play with it and win off of it, you just cant cashin the bonus.

In the end i was told that my $1000 in winnings was nothing but "funny money"
and that i could not receive anymore bonuses on any future deposits. (yeah like i am going to deposit with you again lol) they did not even offer to return my $100 deposit!!!!!

IMO this bingo site just used anyway they could to not pay me as i did cashin often. And all the emails i sent them, trouble tickets ect.. did no good.
Not only did i get screwed out of $1000 but also got screwed out of my $100 deposit.

I also had a issue with "bingo knights" there method is to flood you with "bingo bucks" making it very hard to cashin, and they dont like anyone cashing in often. (i had a huge beef with them) but as most of you know they are part of the "virtual group" so that tells it all there.

I used to play bingo all the time but after a few bad experiences I just dont care to play it much anymore.
The one bingo site i would recommend is "amigo bingo" I have had one issue with them and the "hall manager" did take care of it and even offered me a earlier cashin as they only to cashins once a week.

It would be nice to see a "bingo list" here as there are many not so good sites and very few good ones.

mattysgirl :)
Being an industry watchdog is not something you can decide to do from one day to the next.

Bryan can resolve disputes succesfully because he has been firmly rooted in the industry for years and knows who is who, can talk to most of the operators person to person and therefor has pull. He travels extensively to keep all the communications open.

I have a new Bingo forum, but it is not a watchdog site because I have no leverage with many Bingos. Places like Bingo Knights and various others - there is nothing I can do but throw my arms up in the air when you play there and get scr*wed.

I do make use of my knowledge of the Bingo industry in that I only allow certain Bingos to advertise there. I know I can try to resolve disputes with the places I allow in. Ones that I am not sure about just don't get placement. And if some prove to be non receptive to negotiations I can always just toss them. It's not like we have a shortage of online Bingos.

You need to be careful with places that advertise themselves as watchdogs - few are able to do anything but yell and scream about things. That has never solved a thing.

Either you need someone with arms as long as Bryans, or you need a site with huge numbers of members that can boycott.

Short of that, stick with places that choose who they allow in and are prepared to stand by you should anything happen. Hopefully with only screened places nothing will happen. What's real important is a community that harmonizes and sticks together - and Casinomeister is a super example of that too. I would bet he could resolve a lot of bingo disputes also.
thx dominique......i luv this site as I gamble at casinos online also. I think bryan does a great job here!!!! I have learned quite a bit about online casinos since I found this site.

I agree about watchdog sites, esp bingo. Well I just was thinking about the bingomeister after reading boards about bingo and some having problems. well take care all and happy bingoing!!
Bingo arbitration, endoserment, and blacklisting is all part of this site. The same goes for poker rooms. The thing is that not all that many people complain about Bingo because so far, not that many people have something to complain about.

If you have something legit - go ahead and PAB or post it here. If there are enough people having problems with Bingo sites, I can open up a Bingo complaints section - no problem.
I also love bingo and have played bingo online for quite a few years and have given it all up for the very same reason bdangel says
has someone playing on their site that has won 9 jp's last year, 13 jackpots this year, 2 even on the same day
I too have seen similar happenings at some very popular sites. The shame of it is, they don't even hide it at the sites I played at. The moderator would go "off" duty and come back to "play" under different screen name and would actually tell all who she was. Too funny! Win, she would win a minimum of 1 game out of every 5, and be a winner on almost every free bonus round for bingo cards.

Only place I play bingo anymore is Intercasino and have done quite well there. Have won a bit in the big bingo games they offer a few hours a nite. Guess, you might say, sticking with the good casino sites will help in other areas of play too.

Just MHO.
Hello.. a newbie poster on this forum. :) be nice everyone to me...

Undoubtly, there are always going to be crooks in this bingo business. It's hard to avoid when you can't see the people who are operating the bingo business.

Personally, I have not had an issue regarding making withdrawls so far... and I have been playing for a while... so I will share with you my two cents.

I think people need to do more research before jumping into making a deposit simply b/c it was "voted number one on such such site" or "someone from forum told me it was good".

For me, whole point of having free bucks at different bingo sites is to simply have a chance to get to know the websites... and also customer service people and get the sense of how truly commited they are with their business.

This is where I feel many of online bingo players miss the point. They think free money they received as a sign up bonus is real money. It isn't. If it was, you would have been able to withdraw that money immediately. Bingo sites are giving this to you to get a CHANCE to see what their sites are like.

So do your part and do research.. Ask them questions (how soon did they reply?), do CM's sound nice? You see a problem? report.. (and see what they do about it). What do they do to offer special treatment? Only after site goes through this test, I decide to join and start playing.

Remember, you are your best judge. Do your RESEARCH!! You are entrusting them with your hard-earned money. If sites are fishy to begin with, most likely they will be fishy when you start playing for real.
Great Post LazyLady001

Great Post LazyLady001
You have many that will learn the hard way. my feeling is you stick to a fly by night bingo you will cry for help.
Do the work ahead so you don't cry at night when your real money is on the line. :)

As long as you did your research (watch for wrong advice on forums/online. I repeast. You must do your own research.) ahead of being in a bad situation, you are fine.

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