We are starting to see some results from Vegas Strip Casinos



Hi, I sent you a rather long mail the other day with correspondance between The Vegas Strip Casinos and myself. Now I can tell you, that my winnings are on their way by FedEx, who have confirmed the tracking number I received from TVS. I do not know, if you have done anything or my own email did the job, but for now it seems like my TVS problems are over! (I have always been a incurable optimist!)

Erling Laursen

Hope you're right, but.... after having waited in 8 weeks now, sending several mails to allmost every address, I haven't had any result. They are not just stealing my (I swear honest) winnings, but it seems like they also are stealing my purchases as well.

I've been asking for a copy of my logs as well as their proof, that I did anything wrong (which offcouse thay can't find), but they just keep quit, probably laughing all the way to the bank.

Stay as far away as possible from those guys.

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