WBN and multiple account rule "gotcha"

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Oct 22, 2007
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I have been a long time member of the WBN network, mainly BingoWorkz. I never deposited to any of their networked sites until the end of January or beginning of February 2009. I had no problems depositing, playing the games, sending tt's to ask questions, nor did I have any problems in the chat rooms.

Immediately after running out of money to play, I made the decision to not deposit there anymore and sent a tt and an email requesting that they close my account. However, within three minutes of sending that tt/email, I received an email from them telling me that because I have multiple accounts with them, I would not be able to play any of their promotions or win/cashout anything, etc. (I have the email still.) I wrote back and pointed out the timing of this notification as being suspicious since I never received anything from them in years about having multiple accounts with them until I actually deposited, played, and spent the entire amount.

I suspect that because WBN had recently acquired a couple of other sites and merged them into their network, those particular sites are the ones that flagged the 'multiple account' issue because I also had belonged to those newly merged sites. However, there is nothing on their site that indicated that these extra sites were going to be a problem for any members who had also belonged to them.

The following is my response to their email and I urge everyone to be aware of a potential problem with WBN if you belong to any of the following sites because two of them are new to their network.

From: World Bingo Network Support <[email protected]>
To: xxxxxxxxx
Sent: Sunday, February 1, 2009 9:18:45 PM
Subject: [#EQE-322157]: Multiple Accounts

Hi there,

It has come to our attention you have multiple accounts with us.

PLEASE NOTE THE FINE PRINT layers with ACTIVE duplicate accounts may be automatically disqualified and WILL NOT be allowed to win any amounts any of our promotions. The super jackpot may not play or may be reduced during special games and or packages. You must be a depositing player to win this promotion or any of our other promotional items.

Customer Support
World Bingo Network

I do not have multiple accounts. If I'm registered at any of your sister sites, they might be ones I registered at years ago that eventually merged with your network and I'm not aware of that. I haven't played at any WBN site other than BingoWorkz in years. Can you tell me which of your network sites you have me listed for as I have used XXXXXX/XXXX as my only login information and they should all be automatically using that login. The following are the sites I have listed for your network. If you have any others, please let me know so I can update my list and I will check to see if I have them as something other than part of WBN so those accounts can be closed. What other usernames do you have for me that I have no clue about?

WaveBingo ***new
BingoHouse ***new
FairAndSquareBingo (this is how it's typed in the URL although it's actually called Fair N' Square Bingo)

It is also pretty strange to me that it's only AFTER I began depositing to your site and you allowed $500 to be deposited, and awarded me over $600 in bonuses and all of it got spent before you bothered to even notify me of this issue. Thank goodness I didn't win a freaking thing at your site except about $90 total for the three games I won....if I had won anything significant, I wouldn't have been able to cash out because you found this very convenient loophole a week after I began depositing with you.

I have looked at my old emails that I've kept regarding this multiple account issue, and found that long ago I had registered at BingoHouse and at WaveBingo. I had emailed support long ago requesting that those accounts be closed (usernames duhhhhhh and davidobione respectively in September of 2006. If those two accounts are the ones you are talking about, I had assumed long ago that they were closed as I had requested. As I began playing online as a depositor, I contacted every bingo site I signed up at and requested that they check for multiple accounts for me and close everything except XXXXX in order to make sure I complied with the rules. If you didn't close them, that's your fault and not mine, thank you very much. You've had over two years to check and recheck my account at BingoWorkz, especially as I was updating my profile pretty frequently, and never bothered to but it's obvious that you made sure you would never have to pay out to me if I had been lucky enough to win anything once I began depositing.

I just sent you an email after tonight's bingo playing to close my account with your sites because your site isn't worth my time, money, or effort, and that email was sent prior to my receiving this crappy assed email from you, so if you were looking for a way out, I already gave it to you. Close every account you may have finally discovered for me when you should have done as I directed two years ago and closed the others already.

AJH (edited real name out)

The worst part of this is that WBN normally has an easy to find list of all of their sites (or at least they used to have it) and it was easy to send a tt asking that all accounts be closed that are considered to be multiples, which I had done about a year or so ago when I first started doing a search for BPU about all the sites that had numerous sisters. I specifically sent emails, sent tt's, or went into Live Help at all sites I knew I had already signed up at in order to avoid a multiple account issue at all of them. The fact that I was always going into my accounts everywhere and updating my profile for new email addresses, phone numbers, etc. left it wide open for these networks to get in touch with me regarding any changes made at their sites. I was getting emails from WBN on a weekly basis telling me about promos, comped bb's because I hadn't been there for a month, etc., and there was never a single word that they had acquired some very old sites I had registered at years ago and never had gone back to because I either I had forgotten about them, they were part of the UK sites that no longer allowed USA players, etc. Had I known they had acquired those sites, I would have again told WBN to close those accounts out in order to stay in good standing at WBN with no multiple accounts. Instead, they bided their time waiting for me to finally deposit, play out the entire balance, received my email requesting they close my account because I didn't care for the same winners in rooms that had over 80 players each and the odds were ridiculous that those few winners would continuously be so 'lucky', and within three minutes according to the email time stamps emailed me back to tell me I was basically no longer welcome at their site because of 'multiple accounts'. They gave no indication about how they determined that and it took me about twenty minutes of searching my mailbox folder for registered accounts at bingo sites to locate the two new sites they acquired for me to realize that those two old sites were probably the 'gotcha' and had I won anything substantial at Workz, I would have been denied a payout request. All through no fault of my own because there was no way for me to suspect after four years that they had recently acquired those sites without players being notified of it. You would think that when those sites were acquired that they would have sent a warning notice to any and all players at those sites that we had 'x' amount of time to close those accounts in order to stay in good standing with WBN. If I hadn't closed my account with WBN on my own just before receiving that 'multiple accounts' email from them, I would have had to forfeit any and all winnings I might have been lucky enough to steal away from one of their 'same winners'.

Let this be a lesson to all of us.....contact support via email, tt's, or Live Help frequently (at least every month or so) and ask them if they have acquired any new sites recently and if you have any multiple accounts without realizing you do. Get a complete list of all networked sister sites so you can compare that list with any saved registration information you have accumulated over the years. Protect yourself and your deposits, winnings, etc. because it's obvious that even the 'old timer' bingo sites are still yanking the rug out from under you any chance they get. Don't just look at and read their rules for changes made....some changes are NEVER going to be in the rules, such as merging older sites into their network, and those changes are the ones that will come back to bite you.



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Oct 14, 2004
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Did Sandie finish school:confused: "PLEASE NOTE THE FINE PRINT layers with ACTIVE duplicate accounts .......". Almost meaningless, particularly since this seems to be a UK site/network.

When a group takes over other sites, they should NOT use the change of ownership to spring a confiscation of winnings on active players on their CURRENT played accounts.

Lucky you didn't win & cash out, but it seems clear they were not going to tell you about this whilst they were receiving your deposits. Since they would never have paid, you are entitled to the return of your deposits, and the first step in making this group face up to this gross incompetence is to PAB. If there is any hint of this being anything more sinister than gross incompetence, this should at least generate a CM warning and help other players who are being lead into the same trap.

Players have been advised (by me, as well as others), to keep lists of ALL accounts they have EVER opened, so that they can cross check with their currently active accounts to avoid these multiple account issues. You have done this, updated your profile regularly even in dormant accounts, and asked for support to double check for duplicates. Despite doing all this, they have STILL managed to conveniently find a shed load of problems ONLY after you decided not to play any longer.

If the same player, or group of players, keep winning, it is probably because they usually buy the maximum allowed number of cards. This would then easily be within expectations for a random sequence of called numbers.
Even with 80 players, if 70 buy only a small number of cards, and 10 buy loads, these 10 will still appear to win a disproportionate number of games.


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Oct 22, 2007
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What is a PAB?

I never even considered the possibility of getting my deposits returned due to their never informing me (or probably anybody else either) of the merger with sites I had belonged to years ago. Thanks for the nudge in that direction...now I just have to find out how to go about trying to get it.


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Feb 8, 2007
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gawd, most bingo sites are just terrible.

I would love to play some legit bingo but most of the sites seem a joke.
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