Watched NON-Free Spins Today For 1.5 Hours At Bodog


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Jul 13, 2006
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Okay, I just had the strangest experience of my slot playing life. I was playing Ronin at Bodog, and watched it pay perfectly even money for over an hour and a half. No loss, no gain!

I went in with about $100, and it never went lower than $90, and never higher than $115 (20 cents/spin)...I must have turned out 2000 spins or something. It hit every type of free spin possible (25, 3-6 with the center column wild, 5 with increasing mulitplier), and just wouldn't pay anything more than a few dollars (and only after it was down a few).

I was intriqued at first to see what might happen (maybe I'd hit the Random Jackpot), but after almost 2 hours, I couldn't take the boredom anymore, and stopped with my balance at $100.

Anybody ever experience anything like this before? Is it even possible for a slot machine to have a perfect 100% payout (nothing lost, nothing gained)?

I'm perplexed!


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May 29, 2004
Like the thread title :D

Gotat be unusual that but by the law of averages, it's gotta happen to someone sometime IMO.

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