Wasn't Given a Bonus At pokerroom.com


Dormant account
Apr 20, 2006
yesterday i selected pokerroom.com from the accredited poker sites on the casinomeister poker page mainly because there was 5 card draw poker there.

i clicked on the link and became a member. after i validated my account i recieved a mail telling me that i was entitled to a 20% percent first deposit bonus. i deposited 50 dollars lost it in a few minutes. deposited another 50 and this lasted about an hour. but i got no bonus. i sent them a mail but recieved no answer.

actually i did not like this pokerroom. it is not clearly understood how many cards my opponets draw. i have to follow a very small square in which the number of cards discarded by my opponents is displayed. the players were rude .they made fun of my play and humiliated me. two of them played very slowly on purpose and one of them called me stupid.

i donot want any bonus because i have no intention to visit pokerroom.com anymore but i wonder why i was not given a bonus. i read the mail carefully and no bonus code was written anywhere in the mail.
The current best Pokerroom sign-up bonus is 30% up to $200(listed on another site) and is extremely easy to clear if you play $1/2 NL or $2/4 FL and up. Not that I really care since Pokerroom doesn't allow players from Sweden and Swaziland(or was it Botswana :eek2: )

Anyways, my point is look to other sites for good 5-draw action. I recommend Unibet, 24h (both B2B), Bet24 and Betsson.

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