was the table rigged?


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Jan 31, 2004
Last week I went to a Casino in Prague and these were ma BJ results

Hands played: 21
Won: 16 (3BJ)
Pushed: 3
Insured Dealer BJ: 1

There is no doubt: the table was rigged :D
Which casino was it?
I was in prague 2 weeks ago and was very tempted to try my hand at my first land based casino, but after a few of the czech beers I thought I wasn't in a particularly good state to play BJ.
To be honest I do not remember the name. It was in Na Prikope, not too far from the very grey state casino (Savarin). In any case you didn't miss too much: for sure casinos are not the best attraction you can find in Prague (especially after some rounds of beer...).

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