Warning Sky Kings Casino bonus for NLplayers


Dormant account
Feb 25, 2009
Hi all,

I got an email form Sky Kings Casino, telling me I had to deposit 20 to receive 120$. That sounds nice! Now, I do understand that there are playtrough requirements for bonusses in general, and I dont' mind playing it p.e 30 times through. Perfectly clear!
But hidden on the promotional page where no sign of this particular bonus was mentioned, I clicked on another welcome offer.
There, greatly to my surprise, I read the following:
"players who are from the following countries: Russia, Netherlands, Greece, South Korea, China, Macau, Brazil - must wager at least 100 times their deposit and bonus amount, regardless the currency the player choose to use in his account in the casino, before making any cash out"

Now I've seen it before that a bonus was rejected because I'm dutch (that shook me up for I didn't think we were that dangerous and a thread in such a way, but heej what can you do about it). But a 100 times through should be mentioned at the TOP of their promotional page!

Because now, to get any winnings from my 120, I'll have to wager 12000!!!
Insane!! Please start rejecting us dutch guys again Sky Kings!!
Luckily I deposited only the minimum amount, but still...
Let this be a warning for all dutch and others to really think about this offer!

Kind regards to you all,


Oct 26, 2008
re bonuses

sence ive become aware of the terms and conditions thing there ain't
any i want if you hit right away your stuck there so i play were i think its fair on my own dime