Warning on phishing email


RIP Brian
Feb 22, 2001
Phishing crooks on the Internet are very active at the moment with an email that forges the Neteller logo and other corporate information and tells the recipient:


Dear Customer,

According to our registries, we have recently detected that your account has been accessed from different IP addresses. This could be happening because your computer's IP address is dynamic and varies constantly, or because you have used more than one computer to access your account. Due to this event and in fulfillment with the current legislation, we have updated our computer systems to offer greater security to our clients, thus we will need you to access your account and verify it's recent activity. The security procedures require that you verify the activity in your account before January 19th, 2007. Otherwise, passed this date, our automated computer security system will suspend your account indefinitely.

In order to access your account and to verify it's activity, you must click on the link below:


Of course, the 'link below' goes to a con page where the unwary will enter their details so that these dogs can empty their accounts.

It's been reported to Neteller and they have confirmed that it is a con.