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Aug 20, 2006
Recently, I downloaded New York Casino. I went to deposit by Neteller, and found that it wasn't working (despite the fact that my friend had just deposited via Neteller to the same casino)....I tried a couple of times with no luck, and then a chat from live support popped up and confirmed that they were having problems with Neteller and that I should try my credit card instead. I did so, and then live support mysteriously went AWOL.

I had deposited 200 Euros, and was meant to receive a 212 Euro bonus but it wasn't in my account. After getting absolutely no reply from live support, I tried logging out and then back in to see if the bonus would appear.

I was absolutely flabbergasted when I tried to log back in only to find that my account had been locked! I promptly rang up support, who informed me that my account was locked because I had been labelled a "bonus abuser" by one of their affiliate casinos (which is a total load of rubbish - I suspect it was Carnival, where I did have a big win). The lady on the phone said they would reopen my account only if I promised not to do any more bonus abuse...I asked for a definition of what that was and she couldn't tell me.

I sent an email to Playtech, the reply I got was that the reason I was locked out was because I got my password wrong too many times (again a load of rubbish). I eventually got my deposit back, only after I lodged a dispute with my credit card company, which got them to reply to me real quick.

The support team flat out lied to me to get me to deposit, seemingly with the intention of locking my account all along after they had my money. I find this absolutely abhorrent and advise all players to stay well away from their casino.

I regret that this has to be my first post...but just don't want other people to find themselves in the same situation.


I receive a fair bit of spam for this lot, mainly Carnival. It seems they have a poor way of doing business.
I would suspect the Playtech software locked the account straight away, which was why it played up when trying to deposit with Neteller. Support, instead of telling you this, managed to work round the lock to get the deposit off you by card. They are either inept, or they did this intentionally. There should have been no need to have to go to the card company to get redress.
I would have been inclined to promise not to abuse the bonus and further ask that they do not credit it so there would be no chance of abusing it. I would then have logged on to withdraw the deposit, which should not then be a problem with no bonus in the account.

It seems that certain software seems to draw the bad apples; do the providers care, or do they just worry about their own bank balances by licencing to anyone who pays.
I would like to see the good casinos boycott the software, and change to a brand that reflects their status and reputation, such as Microgaming or Cryptologic, who have less complaints in general.

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