Warning Grand Prive groups


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Jul 6, 2010
Yes I know these groups are Rogue. If you are like me you may have still played there because you are limited on where you can play.

I have been playing there for like 5 years even after the my were deemed Rogue. They would usually pay. I have been waiting 2 full weeks now and they won’t process my WD. Looks like I am out 550 bucks. It sucks but I should know better. I have no idea if I will get paid. They keep saying they are having processor problems.

Please don’t be stupid like me and listen to what Casinomeister says about Rogue sites. I just recently closed my Clubworld account also.

Do not play anywhere that is not accredited or has a bad reputation. You hsve no recourse once thet decide to screw you.

End rant

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