Warning: do not play or deposit at Maxima Casino!


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Jan 18, 2003
Dear community,

It's been a while I posted here - due to a lack of time I'm not able to post there often - but today I'm taking some time to warn every player there about Maxima Casino. I know warnings have been posted by other players there about those folks, and that CasinoMeister posted them in his rogue page (BTW I will upload a page about them and link to your page Meister) but I wish this thread will finally clarify the stand of this rogue operation.

While Maxima Casino is still running online as the "BEST online gamling destination" (their own words), this online casino is run by a bunch of liars and thieves that do not pay affiliates and players as well (or only a few of them).

This is not the first time they are acting like this. Months ago they have acted the same way.

What is a shame is that PlayTech don't care that some of its licensees are complete thieves and liars. Right now I'm owed $3,000+ in marketing commissions for the promotion I've done to them a lot of time before. When problems have arised, I've removed them from my websites. Today I'm looking to issue a warning on my websites.

So it is very simple: do not play or deposit at Maxima Casino, and for those who have accounts, withdraw all money and close your accounts.

I'm adding the link below about them to see how they are lying, and even inviting me to promote them again to get my commissions (which I will never do one more time):

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