Warning about GoodDayForPlay casino allowing fake/pirated MG, Netent and Novomatic + Playtech and other games to Aussie players

OutcomeBet, the group behind the fake software, say on their website that they're based in Belize, but they're also known as Soft.RU LLC in Russia and I heavily suspect that is really where they are, as the WHOIS says that they're registered in Russia (using a Russian domain anonymity service). Casino MIRA is linked to it (per the POGG:
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) as is Bonanza Game and Hotline Casino. They also run a separate casino gaming software business called "Limesco Limited".
Guys what do you think is it good idea to buy ONLY casino software without any games from those scam guys Outcomebet. And to buy original games separatly from somebody else?

I think their software shoud be good and it shoud be possible to integrate few original games???

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