WANTED- someone who can get me cheap rates and tickets at Turning Stone in Verona, NY


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Hello everyone, my name is Bobby. I stumbled upon this forum yesterday.

I go to Turning Stone, Mohegan Sun, and Foxwoods a lot and am a big gambler but often I come across friends and family who need cheap tickets and discount hotel rates . This is hard to get for me.

I am now looking for contacts that are on a premium level at Turning Stone, located in Verona, NY. All contacts must be able to get cheap hotel rates and discount tickets for whatever event I want and what nights I want. In return, each contact will get points on their cards, plus $10 a month for helping me out and a holiday bonus for Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years. If you live in the Western Massachusetts area, all contacts are offered free computer repairs for them and their family.

PM me if you would like to be a contact.

Any questions, feel free to PM me too.

Have a great New years everyone.
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Hi Bobby I will talk to ya soon.
Many crazy things are going on at Foxwoods & The Mohegan Sun
Things are changing and both places are doing some crazy cutbacks but I still have many people I talk too.
I been doing the bus trips now for 21 years to Foxwoods and The Mohegan Sun for 10 years.And Foxwoods forgot who brings people to them lol They treat the tiour bus co. like &^$%$# lol
The Turning Stone I use to have great contacts years back.I only deal with them two trips a year for two groups that like me to set that up for them.
I will talk to ya soon.
B-T Tom