Want to start spending some quality bingo time with your sweetie


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Dec 16, 2004
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Get Your "Other Half" to Join in on Bingo Fun
Want to start spending some quality bingo time with your sweetie? Here's a few fun ideas on how to get your honey hooked on playing your favourite game with you.?
By: Erin Jane

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Sep 12, 2006
bingo time online

This might work if bingo sites shared the enthusiasm for quality time as an incentive to play online bingo as a couple.
Unfortunately, many sites state that only one player is allowed to use an account ( as if they can see into your home), and approved household accounts have strict rules about depositing and withdrawal options.
Even if a couple had side by side computers they would have to contend with schedules that often do not allow one person to make a deposit or withdraw while a withdrawal is pending or there is a problem of some nature with one of the accounts.
A separate account should be a separate account, regardless if it is in the same house.
When bingo sites start really viewing online bingo as a form of entertainment that couples can share (or families) instead of a stringent regime of rules meant to accomodate the sites profit margin, protect their self given right to exclusively and arbitrarily resolve issues without third party discourse, and begin to recognize the player as their source of income and treat them with due and genuine respect, the game of online bingo will remain, until then, an industry motivated by cash...not creature comfort, family fun,or player friendly formats.

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