wagerworks- is the software fair ?


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Feb 4, 2005
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yet another another thread by me about rigged software.

so without us going into the usual rigged/not rigged arguments, could someone direct me to any payout reports, software testing for this group for fairness. etc etc.

my own intuition from the way the game plays, the way my stakes go up and down is that the BJ plays at a 3% house edge, my own rough stats suggest the same.

is this the reason why the wagerworks groups offer such good bonus turnover requirements, until recently we had both paddy power and blue sq/hard rock offering bonus requirements of around x2 in a day and age where the typical BJ turnover (if allowed) is x60.

the typical wagerworks is still x10 (or x5 d+b), so how can they still offer that in these days of rampant whores ?
I have to question figures that aren't detailed.... I did feel they were rigged myself, after losing bet after bet (about 800 @ 25/hand) there a year ago.

But then I won 1500 in the course of about 100 50/hand bets.

After that I no longer thought they were rigged :)
scrollock said:
the typical wagerworks is still x10 (or x5 d+b), so how can they still offer that in these days of rampant whores ?

Paddy Power (at least) doesn't allow players from the United States to play at their casino. Neither does Blue Square, now that I've checked their site ...

Not that I agree with anyone crying yet again "the black helicopters rigged BJ in a gov't conspiracy with aliens" without a whole lot of hands (read: upwards of tens of thousands) being played and shown for review ... but that may just be me. :rolleyes:
I quit replying to any of these "all the casinos pay the same" threads after posting a few links to which says they are not the same and a few people ended up going off on a tangent.

I had to put my 2 cents in worth again just to reply to your request, and here it is. Take it or leave it...I know in my own playing, not all casinos are the same even with the same software...and it is not called "rigged" it's just what they want to allow to be won:

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The thread is about blackjack though, it's widely accepted I thought that slots can have different payouts...

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