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Mar 1, 2004
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I have been playing at Microgaming casinos exclusively lately and would now like to give Wagerlogic casinos a try. I have 7 of them downloaded to my computer and would like to ask a few questions about the following casinos all taken from Casinomeisters reputable list:

Omni Casino
3 Diamonds Casino
Sands of the Caribbean
49er Casino
Ritz Club Casino
VIP Casino

Here is what I would like to know:

1. How fair does the software feel in single player blackjack?

2. How does it compare to Microgaming blackjack?

3. On average how fast do the Wagerlogic casinos I listed take to pay when you cash out without having used a bonus? Or with a bonus, it will give me an idea of what to expect. Is there a pending period?

4. What is the house edge on the single player blackjack (not single deck) I could not find anything at wizardofodds.com about this software

5. Is there a website that may have house edge, and charts etc. for this software? I did a Google search but could not find anything except affiliate sites.

If anyone can answer these questions it would be greatly appreciated.
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I do not play at all the same Wagerlogic casinos you have listed, but I have played a bit at the downloadable versions of Sands of the Caribbean, VIP Casino and Intercasino. As well as the non-download versions of TotalBet and UKBetting.

Fairness: Honestly, the download versions of the casinos seem very fair. Although I honestly have my reservations about the non-download versions (which I play TotalBet and UKBetting on). I've had like 3 or 4 months now with the 25 bonus, playing 2-3 per hand, running the 25 match bonus up to 75+, then busting out making the same 2 bets. It's uncanny.

I prefer MG and CON's blackjack much more, I rarely have a thought of "unreal, that's rigged" at either MG or CON. I think MG plays alittle quicker too unless it's lagging.

Cashouts are by ECash, and are the same whether playing with a bonus or without. Usually within 24 hours, but you will have to wait 10 days up 3 weeks to get a pin number mailed to you after your first deposit. They don't pay out on weekends, so if you want your money in your account by the weekend, make sure you withdraw Thursday.

I believe the HA is within .05% of that of CON and MG.
Amazed you could play on-line for so long and avoid this lot!

Anyway, it's better to refer to them as Cryptologic. The Wiz's tables are here:
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Wagerlogic generally refers to a group of mainly UK based casinos including Virgin & Paddy Power etc.

The BJ is quite an experience, and among bonus hunters considered blatantly rigged (the notorious 'Crypto 21'). Not that it won't give about the right result in the long term, but the regular streaks need to be seen to be believed (I know some people think this is paranoia, but there are lots of good reasons why software providers would be willing to program their software this way). It might not be much worse than MG casinos, but having to play manually and having a higher minimum bet makes it more noticeable.

They all use e-cash - there's a hassle at first as you need to wait for a pin number to be sent in the post. It tends to arrive in a few days, in the UK, at least. After that they pay quickly (whether you got a bonus or not - this is automatic each month, so hard to avoid), sometimes in a day, sometimes in 2 or 3. E-cash are well automated and efficient except if you have problems when they can be a nightmare. They don't tend to respond to e-mails, but they're ok on the phone.
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1) I wouldn't know how to answer that, it feels like Blackjack! I've had some very good runs, and some very bad runs..... I have a better than 50% average on very large bets, which I take as a good sign!
2) The software is slower, and a bit 'untidy', they have speeded things up a bit with a 'turbo' option. I find the Intercasino version a bit buggy, I have fairly frequent graphical corruption and crashes. The 'log viewer' is good though.
3) I usually play at the UK ones (littlewoods, ritz, intercasino), and payout seems to be pretty much instant to credit card (according to bank statement, but it is difficult to tell), and about 24-48 hours to neteller. There is no 'reverse withdrawal period'. If they use ecash direct as the processer (Intercasino, Ritz and VIP do, don't know about the others) then you will have to wait for a PIN to arrive in the post before you can withdraw the first time. That takes a couple of days to the UK, and probably longer to overseas. For some reason I am only ever able to withdraw from Ritz by cheque, and that can be a bit slow.

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You can always download one and play for fun to see what it's like.
Good point! Always found that a bit confusing. For anyone interested:

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I play the TotalBet and Littlewoods cryptos occasionally, and I've always been super impressed witht he ECash Direct payouts. Always dead on three working days back in your bank account.

Like someone else mentioned up there, make sure you've received your PIN before playing!! I built a lovely little balance up the first time I played at Inter, only to watch it slowly eroded and ultimately decimated by the time my PIN arrived :D

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