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Feb 22, 2001

Cryptologic's software subsidiary redesigns its poker offering

Major industry turnkey provider Cryptologic has launched re-designed and improved online poker software developed by subsidiary Wagerlogic, with improved navigation, new choices and more information

The appealing new design includes enhancements to the main lobby, game tables and tournament lobby, making it easier for players to navigate, select their game and stake level, and access key statistics on the game and their play. Also, players can launch a game of blackjack or - for the first time in the industry - any casino game directly from a poker table or lobby without missing a moment of the action.

"This is an exciting day for CryptoLogic, because we're taking our award-winning poker software to a new level that offers players more simplicity, selection and statistics!" said Lewis Rose, CryptoLogic's President and CEO. "CryptoLogic's redesigned poker software demonstrates our continued commitment to provide the best entertainment experience available on the Internet - to benefit our customers, their players and our business."

Company spokesmen detailed the changes as follows:

The main lobby

The improved layout of the new main lobby enables players to quickly find the most suitable game, browse updated choices and find detailed information on upcoming games and tournaments. For example, Texas Hold'Em players can quickly find tables at just the right limit, find out who is playing and the size of their chip stack. Or, with a click and a glance players can get information on today's hottest Internet poker tournaments and how to enter the satellites for each. A new menu bar at the top of the lobby organizes options that players have become used to, such as account, display and customer service information, plus new features like links to the latest licensee-specific poker news and promotions-also available from prominent banner ads in the lobby.

The poker tables

New poker tables display betting action with compelling visuals that highlight fold, check, bet and raise decisions, and enable players to save and view notes made on their competitors. In-depth and instant play information, including current rank and chip stack size, let players compare their table status. An improved "Stats" button provides at-a-glance information on your own actions and overall game statistics, without the need for scrolling. The enhanced tables also incorporate a new pot display and improved hand history details, including a unique "Last 15 Hands" option. Additional features, to be released in January, will enable players to upload individual pictures and icons for identification and display at the table.

The tournament lobby

CryptoLogic has improved the tournament lobby, too. Highlights include new icons that draw attention to special features, summaries and key details of upcoming or ongoing Internet poker tournaments. New options let players confirm information about running time, blind levels, stack sizes and prize pool distribution - including a pop-up window displaying the betting structure and break times. Players can also track their progress with improved lists to help them locate and monitor players from other tables.

Blackjack and casino games

Whether browsing games or tournaments from a lobby or waiting for their turn at a table, players can launch a game of blackjack or any of the 201 CryptoLogic-developed downloadable games in the casino. No other poker room offers the flexibility to play the full breadth of casino games while in the poker environment. CryptoLogic's award-winning casino offering includes player favourites like the slot version of Bejeweled, the casual game blockbuster, Marvel slots, based on Super Heroes like The Hulk, X-Men and Thor, and the progressive jackpot game Millionaires Club, which currently offers a world-record online jackpot of approximately $4.9 million.

"From fast action to hot competition the new software delivers what today's sophisticated players demand," said Andy Goetsch, CryptoLogic's Vice President of Poker Software Development. "It all stems from the core principle that drives CryptoLogic's poker strategy: knowing the heart of the online player."

Through WagerLogic Limited, CryptoLogic's licensing subsidiary, the redesigned poker software is available today (Monday) at all licensees' sites, including williamhillpoker.com, interpoker.com, sunpoker.com, pokerplex.com, ukbettingpoker.co.uk, littlewoodspoker.com, classicpoker.com and dtdpoker.com.

According to AJ Slivinski, WagerLogic's Managing Director, "All of our licensees get the advantage of this major enhancement at once. Soon, players will also be able to enjoy the same poker excitement at our newest licensees, Playboy and Betsafe."
Well as a die-hard crypto player I will add my thoughts about this "upgrade".

In one sentance its truely HORRIBLE!!

The main things that I find horrible are:

The size of the actual cards makes me press my nose on the screen to read them when 4 tabling.

The actual table is so cluttered there is no place to put my stats overlay.

The players cards in some of the seats seem to be nowhere near the actual player and I often think that a different player is in the pot.

The seat I am in is not highlighted and again im searching around the table trying to find my seat!!

UKbetting and Totalbet look absolutely ghastly and reminds me of the graphics of the Sinclair spectrum. Will Hills are a bit better but still over cluttered and confusing.

Whats really gets me is that the tables were set out so nicely before, one of the best on the net.

Ok the lobby usage is an improvement but even that looks like cr@p IMHO.


oh yeah and of all the things they could have fixed, they havnt fixed the one thing that makes me want to punch my screen every time it happens... After waiting for 20 mins for a table the bloody thing kicks you off the list and you have to re-join at the bottom of the queue :axeman2:
Couldnt agree more. This is more like a downgrade to the software then an update.

Don't agree with the comments at all. For me it's a massive upgrade, especially the lobby which is far easier to navigate, and the tables now copyu the Stars/UB/FT/WPT model, much more visually appealing than before. Nice one Crypto, a long time coming but worth the wait.:thumbsup:
One thing's for sure, their RNG hasn't changed a bit! :mad:

I'm not into any kind of Conspiracy theories, but at Crypto I've suffered the worst bad beats than any other Poker room - and this goes for the new, "upgraded" software too!!

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