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Oct 2, 2008
I have a question, it might be dumb - but since I dont know the anser I will ask it anyways...

In some casinos you cant see how much you have wagered and you have to email them to get the answer, (when there is no chat)
I came across this today, I think I have met them but I am not 100% sure and in there T&C it says...

In the interest of fair gaming, wagering requirements are 20x (times) your deposit plus play bonus before cashing out any amount higher than your initial deposit amount.

So, if I make a withdrawl and my wagering has not been met, does this mean that they will pay me back my deposit without letting me know that wagering has not been met, giving me a chanse to complete it?

Anyways, I will wait for the email reply, but still - it would have been nice to cash out before going to bed... =)
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Dormant account
Dec 27, 2007
sounds like it... to me that reads as...

"with your bonus the WR is 20x your deposit+bonus, if you cashout an amount higher than your deposit without meeting WR then you can only withdraw your original deposit"

its a "sticky" bonus, where the only thing you can do is play until you have met the WR and cashout the whole chunk, otherwise if you havent met the WR the max you can cashout is your deposit amount...

this bonus sounds like when you play you play with the bonus... until your into the amount you deposited (i.e you deposit 50 and get 50 bonus, you then have just 50 or less in your account) otherwise all winnings are classed as "bonus winnings" and not your real cash winnings