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Oct 3, 2004
Has anyone knowledge about the casinos using the Wager 21 software?

Casino Lucky Dog
Diamond Gal Casino
Gold Betting Casino
Grand Casino Royale
Lady Dream Casino
Players Vegas

Is the software fair and do these casinos pay out?
Be extremely careful - and check Casinomeister Rogue section - if I recall correctly these people were a serious problem for players and a bunch of them were rogued.

Check the archives here for full details.
About 2 months ago I decided to give Lady Dream a try(out of sheer boredom). I deposied $50, got my match bonus, and after playing for about 3 minutes, I couldn't get the games to work anymore...they just kept loading and loading and loading....After a few quick emails they let me cash out and I got my check a week later (minus the bonus of course)

So 2 days ago I got an email saying they placed a $50 bonus in my account for my loyalty :lolup:

Great! I went back and after a few hands of VP, again, the software stops working.....just keeps loading...I wonder if anyone else has this problem??

Despite the HUGE problem of, umm....not being able to play more than 3 minutes....I was mildy impressed with this shady site...
Beware! They stiffed me last year. Made false accusations that I did a chargeback on a credit card at one of their affilitate. This is FALSE! Stick with a reputable site. My favorite is Intercasino. I also tried 32RED but I like the games at Intercasino better and if I could just remember where that cashout button is......well, I would do even better there.
There has been years of negative feedback from this group, everything from copyright infingement on games to non payment of players to suspect payouts, for instance their wheel of fortune slot never pays more than 50 on the bonus spins, when confronted about this they had admitted this was in the software so regardless of the 1000,800,800 etc you will never hit it, I guess I would consider that fixed.
I checked the video poker payout%. I have never seen such a bad paytable.
(worse than what I have seen at old Boss Media casinos).

Jacks of Better:
4 of a kind=20
Full house = 7
Flush = 5

Has anyone ever found a worse VP paytable, real casino or online?

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