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Jan 17, 2017
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When googeling i found an article here about them but no rep or link to site.

My issue is i made a deposit of 100 euros trough rapidtransfer, won 800 euros and wanted to withdraw. Issue was i could not withdraw to same method as i deposited with.

They wanted me to open a ecopayz account to send me my money there. Eventually they decided to do a bank transfer that they said they had to do manually.

Been waiting 6 days now and they are telling me its prossesing. And its at the top of the que whatever that means.

Googeling i also found allot of complaints on other sites about same issue.

Any idea how i should proceed?


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Jun 27, 2018
the bad news is the pogg has them blacklisted because of their affiliations, the good news is they seem to be dual licensed in Curacao and under the mga, so there is some bite from the mga if they don’t pay. The better news is the complaint I reviewed on the pogg did end with the player getting paid, was just slow. So.. as they’re still saying there is no issue and they intend to pay i’d give it abit and see.. typically if a casino was going to try to screw you they’d already be citing their tos and the reason you’re not getting paid, so.. hurry up and wait is my suggestion.