VP Power Poker - To double or not to double


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Jul 12, 2004
Earth, man!
Just interested in your doubling strategy for this game, whats the biggest pat win you double, how many times do you go for it before collecting..... Should you, do you collect any win that generates a profit?
Pat Full House is the highest I have gambled.
However I now disable 'allow double' in options when playing MG games and try to cut down the gambling on other softwares as well. I only gamble when I am down to last money and dont have enough to spin again.

Here are my reason not to gamble:

1) Higher variance
2) It does not count as wager on most software. (MG etc.)
3) Not knowing for sure if it is a 50/50 bet. (I know for sure that if anyone has advantage, it will be the casino)
4) Loosing sucks more than the joy of winning mentally, now you can blame yourself for throwing you money away. (I dont like to loose...)

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