VP Pappy Speaketh on Casinos


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May 19, 2002
"How utterly egotistical to think that you can beat a casino."
--VP Pappy

"When you gamble in a casino, always carry a concealed weapon with you...your brain."
--VP Pappy

"If gambling experience leads to better judgement, then what the hell am I doing in a casino?"
--VP Pappy

"A casino offering a free meal to a gambler is the same as a fisherman offering a free worm to a fish."
--VP Pappy
ROFLMAO! Thanks for the weekend laugh, Pappy!
And it offers an important perspective for us to keep, too, lol (but since I'm WAAY ahead of the casinos, exactly where does that put me in your sayings of wisdom? except perhaps that if I were smart, I'd quit while ahead?? roflmao!).
For more of old VP Pappy's wit and wisdom, and his gambling adventures, go to midwestcasinoguide.com.

"All gamblers have scars."
--VP Pappy

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