VP PAPPY Blackjack Thoughts


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May 19, 2002
"I see so many "busts" when I play blackjack, that I'm thinking of becoming a bra salesman."
--VP Pappy

"The insurance bet in blackjack has about as much to do with insurance as crap has to do with craps."
--VP Pappy

"Sitting all night long playing blackjack and counting cards, can get you the following things: eyestrain, a headache, drowsyness, hemorrhoids, and kicked out."
--VP Pappy

"I see a really skilled blackjack player at the tables, about as often as I see a solar eclipse."
--VP Pappy

"If the Lord had meant for us to count cards, he would have given us a bigger brain."
--VP Pappy

"Before you criticize any blackjack player, you shoud play awhile in their shoes."
--VP Pappy

Good luck, Terrence "VP Pappy" Murphy

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