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Mar 11, 2004
Los Angeles, CA
i just got an email from intercasino
with the subject ... "Vote for InterCasino and win $5,000!"

and in the body.. it says...
"The Gambling Online Magazine Poll for 2004 is now open for voting, and as a valued customer of InterCasino this gives you the chance of winning $5000 or one of 50 "runners-up" prizes of $100!

All you need to do is give 2001, 2002 and 2003 winner, InterCasino, your vote in the Gambling Online Magazine poll for Top Casino 2004'. "

yeah... if this is how a casino gets voted #1 for three years in a row... i wouldn't give any weight to whatever awards a casino has received.
Lukas85 said:
isnt that something nearly every casino does?

I agree. Example, Brandy, King Neptunes, etc offer free money, Draw, etc, if you vote their casino in GOM (and also
I think we should definitely take a stand here and send them a message by not voting any casinos that try to bribe us for our votes! Jeez how low can they get? But on the other hand should we expect anything differently from casino operators. I was going to have an open mind about them after so many years of thinking badly about them. You know you always associate casino operators with crooks, gangs etc. This act of theirs certainly doesn't help with their image. Oh may be they don't care, they only care about the bottomline and sacrifice their grandmother for a buck in a heartbeat if they have to!
Unfortunately, this is the nature of the business... this is about the only award casinos can "buy" that has any reasonable value.

I'm sure that GOM will look into ways to make the voting process more fair but it's too late to do anything about it this year.

On top of that, they have other categories for portals like CasinoMeister and Got2Bet - and G2B is too small to beat off CasinoMeister without actively searching for votes - which I simply refuse to do. So as long as CasinoMeister makes the awards list I'm happy - it's when I see BS sites stacking the voting to win an award that I get mad.

That being said, it's only the better casinos that stand a chance anyhow, there is no way Joe's Diner Casino can buy enough votes to make the top three.
The really sad thing is that it does happen that casinos do win without offering incentives - usually some lesser awards - but the dishonest ones (and yes, I do consider this dishonest, I don't care who does it) have ruined it for the honest ones.

What a shame!
I got the same $5000 vote for Intercasino e-mail. I don't believe it came from Intercasino. The return address is I think all e-mails I receive directly from Intercasino come from

I agree this is kind of sleazy -- even it is part of how the game is played. Is it there some way a third party could profit from generating this mailing?

BTW, I would vote for Intercasino without being paid. Fair games, 2-day withdrawal to NETeller, monthly bonuses.
kniepm said:
I got the same $5000 vote for Intercasino e-mail. I don't believe it came from Intercasino. The return address is I think all e-mails I receive directly from Intercasino come from

That's right e-mail address, not only Inter, but William use the same e-mail server, they switched probably after DDoS attacks.

About buying votes. You can not trust at all (all places at Top Casino and Most Honest Casino are bought and at top sites you should look at places below 30). GOM is better - more voters and less buyers.
I think that Inter deserves 1st place anyway and it deserves it much more than Brandy, who's actively buying votes lately.

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