Be Aware Voodoo Dreams Terms regarding deposit methods are being misused


Complaints (PAB) Manager
Staff member
Jan 20, 2004
A case came to us where a player had deposited through his own credit card and then later through a company credit card which he and he alone owns and controls. The casino denied his €5500 in winnings on the grounds that one of the credit cards he used did not have his name on it.

The problem is that the casino's Terms say nothing about "all cards used must have your name on them". What they do say is:
2.13. With regards to deposits and withdrawals of funds into and from your Account, you acknowledge that you shall only use such credit cards and other financial instruments that are valid and issued by lawful institutions and that legally belong to you solely. The use of financial instruments whose ownership is shared with other individuals, is not tolerated and will result in voiding of winnings.

The casino's argument to us was that a company is legally a "person" and as such it was two different "people" making the deposits, which would violate the Terms. My argument to them was that they were using legalese to justify non-payment when they could easily verify that the player was the sole owner of the company and the company card in accordance with their Terms as currently written.

The casino was adamant that their decision would stand up in court and was therefore reasonable. Whether the casino could win in court or not is hardly the point. The point is that they were using legalese to dodge a payment when what they should have done is pay the player, fix their Terms to say what they want them to say, and call it a lesson learned.

BE AWARE: the Terms regarding deposit methods which Voodoo Dreams are enforcing are not the Terms they have written and posted. For reasons best known to them they are insisting that for a credit card to "belong to you solely" it must have your name on it. Depositors beware.