Vist to Casino du Lac-Leamy (Quebec)


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Mar 13, 2008
I went to Casino du Lac-Leamy on May 13th during Ottawa's Tulip Festival.

This is located in Gatineau (formerly Hull, PQ) just over the bridge from Ottawa, Ont. It is one of the stops on the Tulip tour, and has over 500,000 tulips. It was a beautiful sunny day, and Lac-Leamy is a man-made lake with bike/walking trail, and lots of birds.

I had not been to Lac-Leamy since last August, and their Xmas incentive of $15 was not enough to entice me back, so they sent me a voucher for $30, and that was enough to bring me back during the Tulip Festival.

There were almost no new games, just more of the same, and a lot more multi-denominational slots that they already had in 5 cent denominations.

Hull used to be swanky, but that seems to be getting lost in low denomination slots, and several years of failing to upgrade.

Fellow bus patrons tell me that the buffet has not improved. So I packed a lunch that I ate before arrival.

I lost 40 of their money, and 140 of mine, which left me lots of time to wander around and I did not see the kinds of wins I used to see. I frequently lose my $$$ before the bus goes home, but I used to see other people winning. This is kinda like a consolation prize, to know that other people win. I watch Price is Right for the winning of fabulous prizes.

This Casino is not nearly as busy as it used to be, and I pretty much suspect that any Government is not the best casino operator around. Or the best administator of anything.

You cannot have a drink at the machines(a concession to the bar operators who had VLT's prior the the opening of the Quebec casinos). Oh, and the Societie du Lotteries du Quebec get the revenue from them also.

But I digress. Still, all in all the casino is smoothly run. There are not as many non-alcoholic beverage carts as there used to be prior to the introduction of Ticket-In Ticket-Out, because tips dropped so dramatically due to not everybody having change anymore. They all tip pool, so the casino reduced the number of servers so that folks still make close to what they used to make. Without a bucket of quarters to tip from, they do not make quite as much as before the current technolgy. But most of the machines still accept coins (not tokens), and TICO prevents me from having to haul buckets of coins (I should be so lucky:)) or *gasp* having to wait 20 minutes for a slot attendant to pay out the last 23 quarters from a 160 quarter win.

They do have a new Texas Hold-em room, but players play each other from a VLT screen, kinda like on line. Eliminates dealers and dealing mistakes, but also eliminates the chance to read your opponents' faces.

Met a cool old gal (83) who was outside doing word search puzzles after she had lost her $100 bucks on the slots, while hubby was in playing his twice monthly poker with his real life friends. If they cannot fill 8 seats, they have to accept young mavericks, but she was hoping he'd be cleaned out soon so they could eat soon. Or win, in which case they have dinner out, but was usually later if he was gonna win.

I enjoyed my day out, but Hull is not getting much of my gambling budget. They gave me a free buffet for my BD in June, which I will redeem, and Casino du Lac-Leamy is still one of the best casinos to have something to do when you you lose your money on a bus trip. It is only a twelve minute walk to a mall, and the grounds for the Hilton are loverly.

Worth a visit if you are in Our Nation's Capital for other reasons, and is on the same (municipal) bus route as the Museum du Civilisation and the Canadian War Musuem.

PS Waited 'til now to post, thought it might have been more appropriate in Blog.


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Jul 17, 2006
Cambridge ON
Hull Casino.

Jasmine.There are smaller casinos, so I was told by customers through my work.You would have to check online or a website created by the Quebec government, to know where these casinos are located.

You could learn how to play craps, as there are many good books on this game on the internet.

Baccarat is another good game, if you're good at betting and catching streaks.Same with Roulette, especially single 0 Roulette.

Have you ever considered gambling in Montreal, which is better than in Hull/Gatineau area?

Have you considered gambling in Quebec City?


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