Visiting from the States - Wilkommen zu Germany


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Jan 3, 2010
Nashua NH
Hello everyone!

My name is Brandon, I've been a member for quite some time, but have been resting on my laurels a bit.
One thing I've always noted is how active everybody seems to be on the European side of things.

I guess that's why we have the American split-off site now :)

Anyhoo, I can't say that I've ever met anyone from the forum IRL.
I'm currently visiting in Bad Aibiling Germany and I thought to myself "Hey, let's dust off that old casino forum and see what's going on".

I'm going to be here the next couple weeks, and thus far Europe has been a wonderful experience.

First, the boring stuff - I'm at the Klinik here getting miene Frau treatment for late stage Lyme.
If ANYONE has an experience to share with me please please do so!

Less boring stuff! German bier is DELICIOUS. I would love the share a pint with anyone so don't be shy.
I had my first gaming experience the other day also before my wife's initial treatment at the Merkur spielothek.
I must admit I had a lot of fun.

So please, say hi - I have a lot to say concerning casino gaming, Lyme, life, love, and beer.
- Brandon
@incrediblestuff He's in your neck of the world.

I've had the pleasure of meeting many over the years, I hope you can too.

Hope treatment is successful for your wife.

Lol Jazzy, that's stretching it a bit! That would be a mighty big forest :D
And the pleasure was all mine :)

@bgermain1985 welcome (back) to the forum and hope all goes well with the treatment: Germany is a great country to eat and drink in, their 'Reinheitsgebot' would always guarantee quality in pretty much every German pub, restaurant or even Street-cart!

Love Merkur Games although we can't play them atm here in Holland, but not so much a fan of those Spiel-O-Thek's you mentioned :p
We do have a bunch of German members so i'm sure there will be a few more useful contributions!

Cheers, guys.
Thanks for taking the time to respond, and the well wishes concerning my wife's treatment.

So far the merkur games have treated me OK, I think I won enough Euro to cover my bus fare back for another go someday :cool:

I'm hopeful that I will get a chance to play poker out here at least once before it's time to head home.
As for the food, the preparations here at the Klinik have been incredibly tasty. I love the German for that, Schmekhaft :)

@incrediblestuff you made me look up Reinheitsgebot; I learned something today!
Thus far I've had a couple weisbeers and a Maxlrainer lager, outside of a couple wiens from the grocer.

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