VISA issues


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Mar 9, 2006
I - and a lot of other online gamblers in Hungary - got a phone call this week from my bank. They said that VISA told them that some of their cards might have been compromised. At least two Hungarian banks were notified by VISA. My card will be replaced free of charge. I searched the Internet, but I only found the below link, maybe the two issues are related...

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Do you have some more detailed information? Thanks in advance.


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Mar 29, 2004
here is another recent incident related to credit card fraud and gambling.
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on page 3:
... On one computer seized from al-Daour's West London apartment, investigators say they found some 37,000 stolen credit card numbers. Alongside each credit card record was other information on the ID theft victims, such as the account holder's address, date of birth, credit balances and limits.
... Al-Daour also allegedly laundered money through online gambling sites -- using accounts set up with stolen credit card numbers and victims' identities -- running up thousand-dollar tabs at sites like,,,,, and, among others.

No idea if this is related to your Hungarian banks though..

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