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Nov 5, 2001
Dear Meister.
I have run a check on an online virus checker..It says this:c:\WINDOWS\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\Q3YFWNEH\thegamblingguru[1].html is infected with JS.Exception.Exploit

I have deleted the file but was wondering whether it is safe to go back to the Guru's site.

I would contact the Guru as soon as possible and tell him what you posted here. It seems at though the files he has uploaded to his server are infected. will give you specific information about this virus and any actions that you may need to take; which are probably none since your system detected it.

Dear ~B

I don't have a virus checker.I was looking for one though...I got the info from the symantec free home check thingy.

I'm scared to go back to the Guru's site to tell him in case i get another virus..

All this stuff is very worrying..Another home check thingy by Trend says i have a virus called TROJ BLKSTONE.The Symantec one says the one i posted above is present,but not the TROJ one..

Both sell antivirus stuff,which firm should i believe?
I have managed to contact the Guru via a newsletter he sent me..I'll wait for his reply.I directed him to this thread if thats O.K?
There is a java script going arround, which is supposed to add a webpage into peoples IE favorites without asking them. A lot of websites are trying this script. I know for a fact that this script causes exactly this Norton warning and more than likely this is what's going on. I don't think there is anything to worry. However, I don't think webmaster should run that kind of stuff.

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