virtuals quite stupid promo idea...


Dormant account
I received a promo from Virtual casino, which is called 15 minutes challenge.
Its not the 7 sultans test!

They offer a 500% sticky bonus on deposits from 25$ . You have to wager b+d 40x for unlimited cashout.(Roulette, craps, Baccara and progressives are excluded.)
Well- take the least: 25+500% = 150, so you have to wager 6000$ in 15 minutes or 400 per minute. At 10 games per minute its 40$ per game.
If you deposit a 100$, it comes to 400 per minute or 150 per game- wow!

I dont want to be in such a hurry when gambling. Sould gambling be an extreme sport?
For me that is a very stupid marketing.




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at 100 deposit it must be: 4000 per minute and - at 10 per minute 400 per game- of course