Virtual Group Casino Bonus, Is it really a bonus or a trap?


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Feb 16, 2002
They ask you to deposit $100 and they will give you $100 bonus. You must wager $1800 or more. After that, if your balance has, say, $100 left, they say this is their bonus. You can only withdraw 25% or $25. The other $75 must stay in the accout. Further, you have to play with the $75 and you only have one chance to withdraw money above $75, if you can get the balance above $75. After that withdrawal, the $75 disappears. Is this a bonus or a trap? Feedback appreciated.

This sounds too much like the Pyramid / Score Sportsbook Group as there Casino side operations go under the name of Virtual Casino.

I have been ripped-off by these people to the tune of $10,000.00 ($2,000.00 in deposits and $8,000.00 in winnings).

Do yourself a big favor and stay away from any thing having to do with any operation that uses the Real Time Gaming software as I have found that Real Time Gaming condones the theft of player deposits and winnings.

Feel free to email me should you require further details.


Thank you for your comment.

$10,000 is a lot of money to be ripped off. I hope there are ways that can get your money back.

By the way, are you aware of My money with casinomerlin was returned to me due to their help. Maybe you could give them a try. I do hope you succeed.

As for Real Time Gaming in general, please allow me to differ a little: even though I too have experienced quite a few operators that use RTG software that ripped me off (casinoextreme, casinoheat, and the group), there are definately operators use RTG software yet have tremendous integrity (e.g. all casinos of Main Street Group). As for the software, it is easy to download, fast to play, and bug-free. Wouldn't you agree?



There is no doubt that the Real Time Gaming platform is the most user friendly platform that exists today. But to my way of thinking, it does not matter how "user friendly" a system is, if a person cannot expect to collect the money that is legitimately owed to him or her.

Yes Sming, I have communicated directly with Michael Staw, Chief Executive Officer of Real Time Gaming several times over the past couple of months and he has done nothing to rectify the problem with Score Sports Book.

Additionally, I've done a great deal of research into this whole matter which dates back better than two years. I've found no less than (16) cases that involve Real Time Gaming operations all of which involve the out-right theft of deposits as well as winnings and a good amount of these cases involve the communication of death threats or other forms of physical violence when these operators find out that you are not about to back down. That speaks volumns as to the quality (or lack thereof) of the type of people that Michael Staw is licensing his software to.

You might be interested to know that it appears as though the Internet Gaming Commission is now in the back pocket or so to speak, of Score Sports Book and Real Time Gaming.

Yesterday I sent an inquiry by Email to James Dobez the President of the Internet Gaming Commission. Iquiring as to why SCORE SPORTSBOOK had been reclassified from EXTREME CAUTION URGED

Additionally, yesterday there were (11) "unfavorable" and (9) "favorable" postings incident to SCORE SPORTSBOOK site. Today all of the (11) "unfavorable" postings have been removed but all (9) of the "favorable" postings plus (2) "neutral" postings remain.

It now seems that Mr. Dobez has been removed as well as the letter from the President at the Internet Gaming Commission site now bears the name of an individual by the name of R. Whitson Carter rather than that of James Dobez.

I think it will be very interesting to see if Mr. Carter has any tie ins to SCORE SPORTS BOOK as well as REAL TIME GAMING similar to that of Mr. Staw's (the Chief Executive Officer of Real Time Gaming) ownership of SAFEBET.ORG and other casino industry "watch dog" organizations.


You obviously know a lot more about RTG and issues relating to it. Your postings are quite informative. Thanks.

By the way, have you played in any of the Main Street Group casinos, i.e.
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, and
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I am just curious.


Looks like Virtual Casino has spawned another casino. I keep getting emails to come to PartyCity Casino promising 200% & 300% bonuses (depending on which spam they sent that day). When I click on the link to the casino and read their bonus terms & conditions (located here:
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) the refer to themselves throughout the rules as Virtual Casino. Here's a copy of the first paragraph:

Members are solely responsible for their account transactions and should keep their account information confidential. Should a member give away, share or lose his account number and/or password Virtual Casino will not be held liable for any claims regarding that account.

So they either are Virtual Casino with a different name or they simply stole the terms and conditions from VC's website and used it on their own.
As far as I am concerned, the Virtual group is to be avoided like the plague. I am fighting with one now just to give me my free bonus. each time they tell me it will be in my account in 10 minutes.(Check's in the mail routine). The trouble is I have a hard time recognizing them until they are downloaded and then the same screen comes up and the only way I know where I am playing is the user name. I am getting disgusted trying to avoid them.
Hello, fellow Virtual Victims! I had asked Bryan to check these guys out after he got back from vacation. In the meantime you all cut the story loose. Yes, RTG is basically user friendly, I'll agree. I really had a love/hate relationship with their blackjack because you could win (or lose!) a fortune so quickly. The sound of the chips clicking and the cards snapping was mesmerizing. I only won consistently at On Luck. I love that casino but they locked me out after I inadvertently had a $30 deposit reversed by my bank at ANOTHER casino by Firepay. If you have the remotest chance of this happening to you do NOT deposit with Firepay.Once they locked me out they stopped all correspondence with me AND refused to notify other casinos after I had reimbursed them. That meant I could no longer access not only On Luck but all the Fortune Room group too! If you like RTG, try the Joker Poker at Powerbet. I have one gripe with those folks. The good news is they've got some really fun promos going right now; things that separate them from the rest of the RTG pack. Let's face it: if all you play is RTG is gets monotonous. But in doing so, they DOUBLED all their minimums. Now I love Caribbean Poker and I know the odds really bite for the player. But $10 a hand??? AND $10 on blackjack as well? Avoid their two new slots. They're nothing more than a tease. But I won $100 on a free Wheel of Fortune spin last weekend and doubled my money in a couple of hours. Virtual used to be fun but I get the feeling that this casino-greedy-let's-takealittlebitmore mentality finally got to them. On a side note: can ANYONE win at Miami Beach? Or Bella Whosis? And what is up with video poker and Microgaming? We need to share with each other where we're winning. I showed you mine; show me yours! lol
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