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Feb 22, 2001

Gextech's "Fantastic League" is well named.

Two years back, visitors to the International Casino Exhibition in London were amazed and intrigued by the sheer quality of an online gaming software product from Gextech which enabled operators to set up international virtual football matches in a variety of the world's top stadiums. Players, their strips and even the environmental ambience could be customised, and dynamic camera views captured the look and feel of top football contests.

This week Gextech announced that this impressive product will be available on Ladbrokes Internet websites in the near future. The company has teamed up with Ladbrokes, a major force in European betting and gaming, to jointly operate the Internet version of the Fantastic League, their innovative virtual football game.

Gextech's adaptable virtual gaming platform allows the Fantastic League to be channeled not only on the Internet, but also as a TV broadcast product designed for betting shops and interactive TV.

With groundbreaking, versatile Smart Stitch technology, Gextech are able to reproduce the complexity and excitement of team sports and provide the same betting opportunities as live football. With unparalleled 3D graphics, the league consists of 12 different teams playing matches every six minutes.

Graeme Baker, Group Chairman for Gextech said, "We are very excited to work with Ladbrokes. As one of the leading brands in the gaming industry and with their extensive experience in online gaming, they are an ideal partner for us."

Andy Harris, Managing Director of Games and New Channels at Ladbrokes, noted: "Fantastic League is a great addition to our games portfolio. I’m sure the product will appeal to our customer base and we’re really looking forward to launching it in 2008."

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Oct 25, 2006
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I wont hold my breath for Ladbrokes success with this.

I have yet to see anyone in a betting shop put a bet on a virtual dog or horse race, and I cant see why anyone would want to bet on a virtual footie game either.

Even the roulette machine addicts steer clear of virtual racing lol

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