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Hi Bryan,

I was hopeful that this group would turn itself around with Danny as the manager. Despite their past behavior, it seemed possible they had turned a corner. Lately, with Danny demoted and a new manager hired, it seems their shady past has taken over once again. Specifically, they are sending emails for the Christmas season and then not honoring the terms that were described in the email. OK, OK, no surprise.

So the "old timers" know better than to deposit at this group, but the "newbies" may construe "Not Recommended" to mean the group is a crapshoot but hey, what a great bonus they are offering!

My question is what will it take to move this group from the "Not Recommended" list to the Rogue list? Not paying legitimate wins? (they have already done that) Misleading terms and conditions? (done that) Shoddy customer service? (ditto) Promotions that are not honored as offered? (ditto)


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I'm pretty much fed up with this whole group - period. I'm in the process of following up on some outstanding complaints, and will be updating the NR/rogue section as time permits and if need be.

If the casino isn't honoring their T&Cs, or doing other funky things - I need to know about it. But it seems to me that they're back to "business as usual" at Virtual.

If players are too stupid to understand the words "not recommended" it's their own damn fault if they run into a problem - not mine. There are plenty of solid casinos out there - but if they want an additional "crap shoot", well who's to stop them.


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It is a pitty that a great deal of online gamblers don't know anything about watchdogs therefore they are in the dark as to what should or should not do.I wonder how many out there are getting $uckered every day that goes by from shady casino companies.


Just one more spin pleez!

Just a different perspective from an almost "newbie" if I may.:rolleyes:

I can see your frustration in players choosing "not recommended" casinos , but I too never knew you existed until you popped up on day in one of my "searches" for a new casino to adopt. :confused:

I didn't know there were people such as you that cared enough to help players in making a more informed choice and I thank you for doing that. But unlike me, that got lucky and found you (site looked interesting enough to "lurk" for quite a while,) there are many others that haven't come across forums such as yours to help them, and I think those are the ones that frustrate you it seems, but are the ones that need you the most, just as I did and didn't even know it.

Please be patient, we all will come around once we find you and stop making those "stoopid" :D choices, and all I ask is that just be here for them too...and take a deep breath because it does get "old" I am sure....

You are doing a wonderful service for many...hope you know that and know it is very much appreciated.!!!:thumbsup:

And if you were here, you'd be huggggged big time for helping me! :D

Thanks for listening!


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silcnlayc said:
...I can see your frustration in players choosing "not recommended" casinos , but I too never knew you existed until you popped up on day in one of my "searches" for a new casino to adopt. :confused: ...
I'm not raggin' on the newbies for being newbies :D

I'm raggin' on players who know about the NR list and play those casinos anyway. I get the occassional PAB where someone whines that the casino wasn't fully rogued yet :axeman2:

Thanks for the hug :D


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Reaching newbies before they get hammered as they enter the business is something that has exercised many minds genuinely interested in a better industry - so far without any real breakthroughs unfortunately.

Most agree that if one could just reach the neophyte online gambler early enough to warn him or her that there's a serious need to research and find top portals before that first online wager in order to safeguard their experience, then that experience would be a happier one in many cases.

I often wonder how many players the online gambling industry loses permanently due to newbies who maybe take the first advert they find and find themselves in the clutches of operations like Virtual or the Chance group (to name just two) And then get burned. It must be substantial.

We need to get that need for research before risking hard cash message out there every opportunity we get - preferably in the mainstream media.


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Con I believe mentioned they have a player database of 28 million. The Meister forum has 5000 or so signed up members.