Virtual Casino buying votes



You'd think people would learn by now not to play here, but once again greed kicks in. Now Virtual is offering I believe $20 for a vote for top sites at
The people that are voting for this casino are also the same ones who were outraged that not too long ago, someone won around $5000 and the casino wouldn't pay, due to rules they conveniently changed.
Just remember that the $20.00 per vote that is being afford will probably never be seen by the customer that ends up voting for them.

Remember how the old saying goes:

The big print giveth and the little print taketh away.

Now that I think about it, this may explain why I've never heard anything from about the "Gambling Grumble" that I sent to "JULIE" months ago. Not even after I sent numerous emails to her inquiring as to whether or not she was able to find out anything from SCORE / VIRTUAL CASINO in my behalf. NOTHING.

A forum is having this *vote promo* because Virtual is one of their sponsors. As far as finding nothing on them, did she tell you that, or has she not answered at all?

Bryan: A Friend sent me this copy of a letter after getting an invitation for a free 25 dollars to play at U 1 Casino and then she found out it was Virtual Casino, poor girl, I don't know why she did it all night.

:mad: Bad Reputation Does Follow Casino - No Benefit of Doubt

Date: 7/21/02 10:09:50 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Bambi61172

To: (Manager of New Accounts)

In a message dated 7/20/02 4:58:47 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

Good morning;

Manager of New Accounts;

I open a Virtual Casino account early Sunday morning or late Saturday night. My time here is 5:33am. I have been logged out of the casino account more times than I have been in the casino actually playing. I am very frustrated because each time the games would malfunction, I could not log back into the casino. And each time, I was instructed to wait ten minutes and then call support. Everytime I was log out of the casino, I called customer service on every phone line that is listed on your website. And not one time did anyone answer the phone when I called. Nor did I receive a reply to maybe over twenty emails I sent asking someone for help in logging me back on. Your site list all these wonderful benefits, helpful supportive staff. But do you have a staff? Is this why it was so easy to give away a few pennies to draw people in and them sham them? I am appall due to the behavior of the casino staff, management, and the casino equipment. You have a wonderful looking website, but it is just that, a good looking web site. No substance, no credibility. I know I was up all night trying to find someone to assist me log into my account that was left with 21. I wasn't looking for a fortune, just a little fun trying out the casino before I threw away my money. And what a waste of time and effort. In the meantime, while waiting to log back into the casino, I downloaded four other reputable casinos, cash out and in money won and lost all while still waiting to be logged back into Virtual Casino.Now I understand about don;t look a gift horse in the mouth, you will only get horseshit.


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