Viper Software..seems alot tighter to me


Jun 8, 2003
Anyone else feel that Microgaming,s Viper software doesn,t pay as well as the old software? I play the same games that I always have on the new software... but I can notice a significant difference in the payoffs. Treasure nile and Gopher Gold (my 2 favorites) are just not as good anymore. Am I just on a bad run?... or do you guys feel the same way? As for Thunderstruck.... what a waste of money. The bonus spins... if they come up at all.. a VERY far and few between. Just an observation from someone who,s been losing lately!!
Hi tim5ny,

I just may be unlucky with microgaming run casinos, but I have played many of them nemerous times and have NEVER had a win after meeting my wagering requirements. As soon as I fulfill WR's, it's down hill all the way, and fast.
Well since I don't play bonuses, I don't have Jinnia's prob :D

When it rains it pours. Sometimes while playing Thunderstruck or Spring Break, I don't hit shit. Like no free spins in a $100 betting spree at $2.25 a spin. The sometimes I make a killing. Last week I turned a $100 deposit at Grand Hotel into about $1400 playing Spring Break alone. I actually started feeling guilty with all of the free spins I was getting. I was getting free spins in free spins. It was crazy. After cashing out, I deposited $100 at Lucky Nugget and got that up to $700 something doing the Spring Break, Hot Shots thing. But then I got greedy and started maxing my bets out at $45 a spin. Guess where my money went :eek2:

I prefer the multihand VP in the older casinos. It runs smoother in my opinion.
oooook! Have I misread the wagering requirements? I don't take bonuses, but thought it read you still have a wagering requirement to meet with just a straight through deposit....??
I also agree that MG's viper software is real tight. I lost 1500.00 last night in about 2 hours. Time to find a new hobby. Its too frustrating to toss my cash to these casinos that have their software twisted too tight for living.
I will be playing online poker only.
LOL!! Bryan! I can picture you now... Jammies and slippers on and playing with your Finding Nemo interactive book. Hope you get it!
$45.00 per spin Bryan? I thought I was insane! I must say though... Microgaming has a way of rewarding those big bets once in a while. Imagine the money with that size bet landing on a jackpot.
I was hoping for it to pull up three or more scatters. I figured, what the hell, the winnings up to that point was free money....and it disappeared - poof -
I have had no luck playing the viper software either. Probably just the streak I've been on. The softwear does seem to play faster, so I can lose my money faster! As far as $45 a spin- way outta my league!
hate the viper software. Dealer wins like 7-8 hands with it unklike the old software which was more like 4-5 for the dealer out of ten. Thumbs down on the new software.Those are non random results.
You guys like roller coasters? Try Big Shot.

Minimum is $2.25 a spin - but I swear I get more hits which pay over $100 than those which pay less! You'll have some dry spells in between... but I swear this game hits 4 scatters for over $100 at least once every 100 spins... LOL... sometimes twice in a row!
I'm spending WAY too much time slacking off in these damn casinos.

I have a newsletter to get out.

BTW I agree with Spear, it pays out well in spurts... too bad I'm not a baseball fan.
You're telling me? LMAO... I haven't gotten any real work done in the last month!

This is a real hot/cold machine - catch it at the right time and you will make a ton, but during the cold spell better go find something else.

My only complaint is that it doesn't have a bonus game - otherwise this would easily become my favorite slot of all time.
Why do you hate viper software????

I deposited 250 in river bell, took the 250$ bonus, left the machine running all night in expert mode and when i woke up in the morning..... Voila!!!!! 580$$$$ were waiting for me in river belle. That is 330$ win and i was only sleeping...!!! As i found out later using playcheck my balance got up to 680$ for one time then landed to 580 again. But 330$ is still good win for a man that was only sleeping!!!!!!
That's nothing, the other night I put an adult video in the player, went to bed and slept while it played. The next morning, I woke up with wood.

So what's the point? Where's the enjoyment of letting the casino play your hands for you while you sleep? And if you lose your bankroll while "asleep at the wheel," do you find the casino software to be suspect?
The next morning, I woke up with wood.


Though I don't let the computer run while I sleep, I do use Viper to churn through 500 plays at a time sometimes. Especially useful if you have to meet bonus requirements.

It all depends on what tickles your fancy. It's kinda neat to know that your computer is making money for you while you sleep... especially at boring games like blackjack... but with slots I prefer to be at the wheel, so to speak - all the excitement happens when you hit a big win :)

It would also be nice to wake up to a royal flush every now and then... LOL...

It has the same excitement as if you were to buy a lottery ticket, but not know the results before you wake up in the morning - you wake up with a little anticipation. Good way to force yourself out of bed sometimes...
Kniepm, I really do not like your post here.
Do not say words on behalf of me. There is no need. I do not want it. You talk only for you. Did I mention that if i lost all my balance, I would say that the software is rigged? No. So speak for yourself and do not make easy and fast conclusions.

I do not know what you do in the night with adult videos but we are not interested to know.
You can visit a porno site to say your thoughts. This is a casino site. And here we talk about casinos. Not porn. Is that clear?

About the casino now ( which i think that you are not much interested... ), I tried to meet the WR. I didn't say that I leave the machine running in all casinos i play. I did it once. It worked. I posted here and all the others exept you found it exciting. So, I'm not interested about your opinion ( I do not know if the others are...).

Thank you.

Have a nice day ( or night if you prefer ).
Apparently, "irony" is not among the words I allegedly said for you.

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The Viper software allows the player to set what hands to hit, stand, double, etc. You can then set up to automatically play x number of hands or stop when you reach certain loss/profit limits.

Basically, you tell the software how to play and it does all the "hard work" of gambling for you.

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