VIPCASINOS does not like winners

I got it too!

I got that "Lucky" E-mail too. I am aware of the positive balance clause, but there is nothing obvious in the E-mail, and the danger is that players sent this may only find out after making the deposit.

The "pro" clause in sportsbooks is no doubt due to the fact that sports betting, unlike casino play, is partly a game of skill. Quite a number of bettors study form and statistics, use odds calculators and even a spot of arbitrage. This term is likely to apply at most sportsbooks.

I would like the rep to clarify though, is this term going to apply to those who mainly use the casino, and don't habitually clobber the bonuses. It may not be good to waive the rule just because some player "raised a stink" in the forum - this would not be the best example to set for others!
Others posting to this thread have found the positive balance rule applied to them, and not really understood why.
I received a reply from our campaign manager (which I followed up with a phone call). Here is the email:

Hi Debbee,

We have looked into this and the issue is that this account recently withdrew $2500 and it is our policy that players must deposit equal to or more than their last withdrawal before they are eligible for another bonus.

We have looked at this account more closely and because we value the player have gone ahead and credited their casino account with a $32.50 bonus.

If you could please advise the player accordingly and let them know if they have any more issues to please email

bpb said:
This has always been the bonus policy at VIPSports, long before they added the RTG download casino.

Many (possibly most) sportsbooks have clauses like this regarding reload bonuses for sports betting. If your (withdrawals + current balance) - deposits is a positive number, you aren't entitled to reloads. The problem is that VIPSports is using bonus conditions that are well understood in the sportsbook community and applying them to the casino community, where a clause like this is very uncommon.

VIPSports states this condition very clearly in the bonus terms and conditions on their websites (VIPSports, VIPCasinos, VIPHorses) I do think that they should explicitly repeat this clause in a disclaimer at the bottom of any promotional emails that they send out. They currently only include a link to a bonus terms page. But overall, I don't see the big issue here.

I agree 100% with bgb's comments. What IS regrettable here is the terminology used by support in explaining things to Belgamo. This bit about "professional player" is something that should NEVER have been stated and I've sent our C.M. an email to that effect. Additionally, IMO, it would be wise for the casino to give notification to those players via email who reach the point of withdrawals over deposits--to me, this would just be good business.
150% reload

I was also sent the mailer. Luckily i read the forum and asked if my account is eligible and i was told it is not. I also asked what is my last action with the casino, and they said it was a deposit. I also asked did i get some kind of bonus with the deposit, and they answered yes. I lost my deposit and bonus the last time , and i am still not eligible to get any more bonuses. Oh well. I guess they have the right to do this, but why send promotional emailers to people who cant get the bonuses.


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