VIP program @ Quasargaming Need YOUR help


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Mar 18, 2012
Hi people,

i need some help. i got my vip status at Quasar gaming ltd.
my accountmanager emailed me, basically asking what i wish to get (done).
So i though instead of asking what they can do for me, i would like to know from you what they SHOULD do for me.
for example if you ask for 50 (units of something not cash in specific) while they would have gone to 100, you get half of what you could have gotten...

i am already very pleased with their deposit and withdraw policies. within half an hour after making wd request, its on my skrill acc. and that is 7 days a week (during business hours, between 18:00 and 22:00 its 2 hours, after 22:00 its there 1st thing in the morning.

i dont think i can ask for new games, all though i d like some new ones most definately.

in what line of magnitude i should ask for something?
i cant ask for free bacardi and cokes while i'm playing,
the game speed is good
they dont have live chat, but that's just like with new games, something for the casino management...

please share thoughts and experience

thank you!


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May 29, 2004
For me, it would be instant flushing but with no live chat that's tricky. But fast wd's for sure. They have improved though to be fair - started at 24-48 and last time I did one it was about 12. Still not instant though ;)

As for promos, one of my favourites is weekly cashback. Canbet used to do 20% weekly cash-back on losses up to 500 with a 4x WR. I thought that was excellent.

Be good if they could get a few more of the games like Fairy Queen, Indian Spirit and Mystic Secrets.

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