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Sep 12, 2008
yes guys and gals don't laugh. you probably heard this all before. i hadn't heard of the rouged list before. in fact its my tale of woe and a little digging around that brought me to this site today.
hmmm where do i start.
I'd made a few deposit with this casino and lost a fair bit i might add. then one fine day i hit a scatter bonus and won around 2000$ and then won a little more so round about 2500$ GREAT!!!! FANTASTIC!!!!! well not really.
i contacted customer support they said it was fully cashable apart from the bonus which was 35$, naturally so i sent my documents in. they were received fine so i withdrew 600$ to my click to pay account. 78hrs later the money was safe in my account (a minor miracle in its self i think you'll agree). so whats the problem your thinking you just got paid from a ROUGED CASINO. the problem started when i tryed to withdraw the rest of it 2000$ in total. this amount had been pending approval for about 3 weeks because they said they had a technical problem with there withdrawal processor!!!!! hmmm yeah right!! so i gave benefit of the doubt. so while waiting i put in a claim to the central dispute system and they accepted the case. so i spoke to customer service and threatened them with this. they apologised and said they will approve it the next day. which they did. so i received an e_mail saying that the money will be paid into my click 2 pay account within 24-48 however 4 days later it still not there and there still giving bull about it being delayed and they are wanting to push it forward to next week. today being 12 Sept 2008
what should i do from here?

i have done the CDS (central dispute system) thing.
also i took screen shots of all transactions on the casino its self.
transcripts of all conversations and e-mails saved.
oh and there was no issuse at all about coupon abuse. it was a no play though no max cash out.

any feed back would be great. thanx

oh by the way it Vip Lounge Casino
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Jul 27, 2007
Keep on them. They will pay, but they are very, very, VERY slow. It's taken me anywheres from 4 weeks to 2 1/2 months to collect winnings from them.
Good luck!


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Dec 1, 2005
This is how their business model work:

When players deposit at the casino they instantly bag 50% of the money. These money are never to be seen again by the players. The other 50% goes into covering withdrawals. Of course this is not enough money for covering all withdrawals. So to cover these withdrawals they stall payment, because meanwhile they get new deposits that maybe eventually can cover withdrawals.

The result of this scam is that withdrawals are processed at a slower and slower rate. After launch a new casino run this way can process
withdrawals within 2 weeks. But as time goes, the withdrawal time will increase up to months until they casino finally go 'broke'.
Big withdrawals (1000$+) are often delayed for a very long time (if ever paid at all). When many players are complaining at 2+ months withdrawal time for even small withdrawals, then you know what is comming next...
Another strategy to lure money from players despite the obvious insane withdrawal time and no response from CS is to give huge bonuses... 100%.. then 150% then 200% etc.. Some players get greedy and deposit prolonging the life of this sick casino. Until of course they players have finally lost the faith in the casino and it goes down with a BANG. The casino owners has been taking 50% of all deposits and are having a great time. And then they just start up a new casino and repeats.

I find the basic scheme behind this business scam similar to
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Instead of luring with higher and higher monthly investment returns, they just uses higher bonuses.

This pattern has been seen over and over. RTG's are really good at doing this stuff, but recently this was also seen with Hype casino etc.


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Aug 16, 2008
I just received a 1,000.00 free chip from them, VIPBANKROLL, has anyone else received this, it's to try their casino, it doesn't mention any retrictions.
I would love to play it but I don't want to get pulled back in again..


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Mar 13, 2008
I just received a 1,000.00 free chip from them, VIPBANKROLL, has anyone else received this, it's to try their casino, it doesn't mention any retrictions.
I would love to play it but I don't want to get pulled back in again..

DON'T DO IT DIANE. You've done well in your quest to give up gambling so far. And if you want to fall off the wagon, at least do it where you might be paid, not some rogue.

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