VIP changes could be on the way soon


RIP Colin
Jan 28, 2016
Racing post reporting that the UKGC have concerns about VIP customers. As much as the Racing Post is talking about bookmakers, my understanding is that it is Casinos too they are looking at. Some of the figures seem quite surprising

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A ban on so-called VIP status for important and big-spending customers with online bookmakers is being considered by the Gambling Commission.

Information released by the industry regulator on Friday said that seven out of ten enforcement cases against online operators had involved VIPs or "very large spending" customers.

The commission has told operators they must improve the way they deal with such customers or face tougher action.

The commission's report, which came to light following a freedom of information request by the Guardian newspaper, provided figures from nine unnamed operators showing the percentage of their customer base made up by VIPs and what percentage of deposits they provided.

In the most extreme example, 83 per cent of deposits with one operator came from the two per cent of their customers classed as VIPs.

The report also estimated that from a total of around 47,000 VIP customers, some 3,760 were likely to be problem gamblers, implying that VIPs account for around 2.3 per cent of all online problem gamblers.

The commission said it was already taking action over VIPs including pressuring the industry to bring in a code of conduct and targeted compliance checks, while also considering steps ranging from deposit limits to banning VIP status altogether.

A Gambling Commission spokesperson said: "We have been taking action to address poor practice around the treatment of VIP customers for some time.

"Operators must improve their interaction with VIPs and we have challenged the industry to make faster progress to improve how they manage their customers.

"We have also taken robust action against operators who fail to protect consumers and we will be even tougher if behaviour does not change."

The Betting and Gaming Council said it was working on a new code of conduct for the sector.

BGC chairman Brigid Simmonds said: “Our industry recognises the need to change practices in this area and we will soon publish the terms of a review for a new industry

And the guardian report that was published first

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code of conduct.

"We intend to consult widely on shape of this new code, to ensure we are always putting the welfare of our customers first."
The Guardian..... sigh

In the meantime..... customers can still reverse pending withdrawals / have no facility to lock them, withdrawals at some casinos can take an awful long time to process as numerous topics here demonstrate

Just an example of things the UKGC should be addressing but appear to be low on their priority list.
VIPs aka high rollers on the whole expect special relationships, kickbacks, perks, outings etc in exchange for betting very large amounts of money. Its how casinos and books have worked since they started!

If the UKGC bans that, they will simply feck of to Vegas, cruise ships or wherever they can get treated like royalty, and why not.

Its all BS, the UKGC is ruining gambling for the VIPs and everyone, sad times.
The people who play for such enourmous amounts of bets, lose it all and start complaining towards UKGC in the first place are responsible for that as well. People who obtain large amount of money in a criminal way (any) and spend this on gambling, are the ones responsible as well. Casino's not taking their responsibility on how one low roller suddenly can pump millions out of nowhere are responsible too.

But responsibility on casino's making games too tight with hidden gems all over the place if perfectly legal.

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