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Dec 4, 2003
:confused: This is a casino with such bad policy that they are costing themselves. I'm not complaining about a loss, or a cashout, but I think they can serve as an example of what not to do.

VIP is a cryptologic casino that offers a monthly bonus, and the wagering requirement is 70 times the bonus.

I signed up and received $100 bonus on my $100 deposit. I was required to play through $7,000 in action. I managed to lose all my money with less than $700 in action. I called to see about the monthly bonus and asked if I received a bonus this month would I have to make up last months wagering that I didn't finish. They said I would. Okay, the wagering requirements carry over. We have all heard of that, and of course no one likes it. This would stop me from ever going back there for a bonus. But here is the crazy part. I asked if I could make a deposit, and not take a bonus. Would I still have to make up the action from the last bonus, and they said "yes"!

Now the reason I wanted to deposit with no bonus was to play roulette. That action wouldn't even count toward last months bonus. So here is a case where management has messed up the policy so much that customers have no reason to ever go back.

Live and learn.
Wagering requirements DON'T carry over at VIP if you lose your deposit (as well as all other Crypto Casino's I'm aware of), so you should have no problems depositing again and withdrawing when you like.

It's totally automated their cashier anyway (i.e if it lets you withdraw they WILL pay you - no reversing etc) so you could test it if you wish by depositing and if you get over your deposit amount going into the cashier. It will tell you when you go to withdraw how much the max withdrawal is - if it's just your deposit (which is always withdrawable anyway) then the wagering has caried over, if it's the full amount they haven't.
VIP casino do carry the wagering over, even if you lose your deposit. I emailed the customer support and that is what they told me. Some crypto casinos don't carry the wagering over eg Intercasino if you lose your bonus and half your deposit.

The rule definitely sucks at VIP. I think I owe something like $5000 of wagering. On the plus side, they give you 10% cashback and theoretically, you should still be able to keep around $65 of your $100 bonus after the wagering.
What CS tell you and what is reality are completely two different things - I've definitely lost everything one month there and then only had to wager the stated wagering requirements for the next month.
Dirk Diggler said:
What CS tell you and what is reality are completely two different things - I've definitely lost everything one month there and then only had to wager the stated wagering requirements for the next month.

I hope you're correct as that would be really good news and help balance out the huge wagering requirements. I had $60 left in my account and thought i'd wager it away after reading your post. I turned it to over $450 :) So i guess its not a problem for me anyway.
The wagering requirements do carry over however not for every single month you played before.I found out that it keeps only the last 2 month requirements.
70x is completely ridiculous.Ritz and VIP have the worst bonus offers.
VIP Casino rules


You didn't mention what games you were playing, but VIP Casino does not allow any wagering in Baccarat, Craps or Roulette to count towards the wagering requirement in any form. In this situation you would need to resolve the outstanding wagering requirements that you need before you can withdraw. I can request you to be removed from the promotion list so in the future you will not have this problem, and if you email me directly with your account number I will look into this in more detail for you.

Kind regards

Kate Berkeley
VIP Casino Manager
Miss/Mrs Berkeley

With regards to the requirements is it true that the systems remembers only the 2 last months of playing so you will never end up having an unbeatable ammount left to be wagered?

As I mentioned in my post I lost all my money. I have a zero balance. I am not trying to cash out. I wanted to make a deposit and refuse any bonus just to play roulette. The problem is that if I win at roulette I was told I would still owe over 6000 in wagering requirement from when I first signed up and lost my money.

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