VIP Casino: don't honor its promo: unexpected


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Nov 8, 2005

I got a promo from VIP Casino some months ago, claiming that upon a 600$ and a certaing wagering requirement I would have recevived a return flight to New York. Knowing VIP Casino as reliable and professional, I jumped on the promo and I succesfuly won the ticket, as confirmed by an email from support.

Then came the problem, I received a documents that I had to send back to a company named TLC Marketing by a precise deadline: they claim they never received that document, and since the deadline is since long passed, I've no right on the flight anymore, but I can get a gym pass for one week instead!!!

Is is a joke? I've some friends of mine that as well succesfully claimed the promo, and now they are a bit worried, since months have passed and they got no news about their price: they will soon try to contact TLC Marketing and VIP Casino but I've the feeling I already knowthe answer: we never received your fax/envelop, so sorry, get your gym pass...

Before Pitching a bitch I wanted to hear the voice of other users, and maybee get some help from somebody to solve this issue...

thanks a lot!!!



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Oct 14, 2004
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The problem has surfaced already. Australian players who won this promo claimed they were finding it near impossible to claim their free flights because TLC were hitting them with stringent requirements and high airport taxes.

It seems the problem has spread beyond Australia, where the suspicion was that they only intended for a certain number of winners to actually want the flights, and they got hit hard because a player portal promoted this to Austalians, and screwed up the budget TLC Marketing had set aside. It was Intercasino that offered this promotion, and VIP Casino that followed on with a similar one.

If it turns out a load of your friends also get told their forms didn't arrive, it is likely they are lying because demand is too high. The number of forms not received after posting should be similar to the general level of losses in the postal system, a mass of unreceived forms claimed by them would look like they have messed up (possibly deliberately), and are seeking to get out of giving the flights.

The global crisis, and high oil price, has made the promotion far more expensive to honour than was expected, and the more applicants they can fob off with a gym pass, the better for them.

Cryptologic casinos (and any others too) should steer clear of TLC Marketing as a provider for promotions, as the casino will suffer a considerable dent in it's own image, as players contract is with the casino, and are not going to accept that the casino have honoured the offer, even though it is TLC Marketing that has screwed them over, and not the casino (knowingly).

Intercasino have tried to sort the mess out, and VIP may well follow suit, but need to be aware of the scale of the problem.

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