vip casino cash reward bonus ?


Dormant account
Sep 5, 2004
In this month I deposited $100 and received $90 bonus.
my first deposit here.
played blackjack and pontoon.
wagered $4000 or more and cashed out all total $600.
so my net winning is $500 (or $410 if bonus excluded)

yesterday I logged on vip casino and found $33 in my account.
they credited it into my account.
i didnt know what is this so emailed to their support twice.
but they are not responding.
anyway I cashed out this and this will be added to
my next month gambling money.

this is not comp points bonus cause now my comp points is only 450.
and I think this is not cash reward bonus cause my net winning is
$500 (or $410).

who know what this is?

PS) VIP casino do not offer monthly match bonus?
pstnpstn said:
PS) VIP casino do not offer monthly match bonus?
Dunno what the $33 is just take it and smile!

They stopped doing monthly 100% match about 9-months ago and replaced it with a totally crap promo where you have to wager silly amounts on various specified games for a lousy 30 bucks.
VIP have lost the plot and at least one regular customer! ;)
KasinoKing said:
Dunno what the $33 is just take it and smile!

Assuming he actually receives it... Last time a casino granted me an unexpected bonus, I tried cashing it out, only to lose it... Damn thing had a 15x WR attached.
Your Cash Reward Bonus


Thank you for your message and apologies for the delay in response. There should be an email in your in box from me.

Its my pleasure to inform you that the $33 credited into your account was your Cash Reward Bonus, which you should have received an email from me detailing on Friday.

Our Cash Reward Program pays 1% back on net winnings between the 25th-24th of a month. The email from me explains this in more detail showing your account information.

Should you have any other questions or problems please contact me directly and I will ensure your query is dealt with quickly.

Kind regards,

Kate Berkeley

VIP Casino Manager

Please contact us toll-free on:
USA 1 866 5788338 CANADA 1 866 5788338 UK 0800 587 4039
For International customers please ring +800-2467-9261
Please check the outbound country code prior to dialing.

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