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One more gone.

Villento will pay, but they take a lot before they do.

I made it short and sweet before I lost any more.

Enough is enough with 10 minute deposits low rolling.

If you go through your whole deposit playing the minimum with a bonus in 10 minutes something is not quite right.

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Ronesh '
Ronesh : Hi Catrina. How are you today ?
catrina: I would like to close my account
Ronesh : May I ask why ?
catrina: Please close my account
catrina: I wish no further emails also
Ronesh : Catrina , at Villento it is important to us to know that we did everything we can to meet your gaming expectations
catrina: I deposited with a bonus last weekend, and my last bonuses were denied, I took the bonus just now and you took my funds in less than 10 minutes. Not entertaining anymore
Ronesh : Catrina.. Gaming is unpredictable so it is not unusual to experience a few ups and downs..
catrina: Please close my account so I cannot deposit anymore and please do not send any more emails
Ronesh : Im terribly sorry that you feel you havent had the gaming experience you deserve, we strive to offer our players an exemplary entertainment complimented by exciting promotional offers, and an efficient and reliable customer support team.
Ronesh : If at a later stage you decide to change or mind, or even looking for a change of luck, please dont hesitate to contact us and well happily welcome you back!
catrina: Closed I assume?
Ronesh : I find no joy in wishing any one of our players farewell, but would like to take this opportunity to wish you everything of the very best in your future endeavors.
Ronesh : Yes, Your account has been closed
catrina: Thank You

I have had about enough of the casino's taking immediately. Bad luck is abundant but give me at least 1 win before its gone.


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I have had about enough of the casino's taking immediately.
Bad luck is abundant but give me at least 1 win before its gone.
So you want casinos to be able to rig their software to make you win (or lose) rather than being totally random?

I know it's frustrating to lose and lose fast, but it gambling - it happens.

I hope your luck improves soon, on or off-line! :thumbsup:


catrina m

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I just happened to lose another deposit.

Where Is the only one left I play at.

I do not wan't anything rigged.

After 6 or 7 years I am finally tired of the expensive entertainment.

The last casino I play at will be closed soon. That will be 3Dice

I give up. I have had enough. I have said this before but if I so much as hint that I have deposited again here, I wan't Bryan to close my casinomeister account also.

I would like to read here every now and then, but I wan't my membership here closed if I give one more dime to a casino.

Not one thin dime.

I am not hurting financially. I am just tired of the bullshit.

Rigged , no.

I do not think its rigged, but be lucky and don't play often.

catrina m

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As a matter of fact, goodbye.

I am following Rusty.

I may come back to read but my stay here is over.

As is my losing.

Enough is enough.


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Actually - I'm kinda with her on this.

Lately it feels as though you deposit a few hundred and it's GONE in minutes - NOT hours - MINUTES.

And don't think I'm a measly 100 a month person.

For the last several years until very recently I have done over 1000's monthly.

I'm no high roller - but I play a significant amount --- But I'm getting tired of putting my little wad in - and not getting anything or any time in return.

I am starting to think that Casinos are taking all that they can - and getting ready to get out...


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I have to say I agree with both posts above. At least for me it seems I blow through a deposit in minutes now versus before yes I had deposits that would be gone in minutes but there were always deposits that have lasted hours spread out in between deposits. These days I don't even have those anymore.

I am not a high roller either but I do deposit 1-2k probably per week. With no excitement/enjoyment anymore I too think it's time to find another hobby.

Something has happened with MG for sure. I play about 5 different casinos and all of them are the same now, terrible...

Even now I keep getting casino errors today and getting logged out today not sure whats going on....

Good Luck all,



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I haven't played as much at Villento this year because I wasn't cashing out quite as much before either .
I hope you don't leave Catrina ..what I like about this forum is that everyone has their own opinion and is just as important and a part of this forum as the next member .
If everyone always agreed with each other it would be a pretty boring place wouldn't it ?
If you do leave though I wish you luck and good fortune :)
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