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Oct 4, 2006
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Villento Vegas is offering free spins on Christmas day if you wager $20.00 on slots in their casino. I wrote to them asking for the specifics so we didn't see a repeat of the Gift Rap debacle.

Here is their response:

Hi xxxxxxx,

Thank you contacting us. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

xxxxxxx, as you may know, to qualify for the free spins you will have to deposit and wager a minimum of 20 credits on any of your favorite slots between Wednesday 13th December (00h00 EST) and Thursday 21st December (23h59 PST).

The number of lines and the coin size that you may receive depends on your depositing and wagering during this promotional period. The minimum for the 12 free spins will be with one $0.20 coin on 8 paylines, while the maximum will be on four $0.20 coins on 20 paylines. This will automatically come up when you click on the Avalon slot on the 25th December.

xxxxxxx, at this time, I am unable to offer you any further information, but I hope I have been of some assistance.

Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any further queries.

I wish you a very happy holiday xxxxxxx!

Warm regards

Villento Support.
LOL Addy, you beat me to it. I just got home and checked my email, and have a similar reply re: the free spins part. So the minimum for the free spins will be .20 X 8 line = $1.60 (X 12 spins). Total is a value of $19.20. Sounds fair to me. I mean, there's always the chance you won't win a penny in 12 spins, but again, it's up to you if you claim it. And I'm assuming if you deposit and wager more than the $20 minimum, you'll get more than 8 lines. Sounds a whole hell of a lot better than Belle Rock (IMO).
Good enough.

That is as good as a 94% bonus on a $20 deposit, and that is the mimimum.
Let's hope CS have this right though, BelleRock originally told a player it was 50c per line!
That is as good as a 94% bonus on a $20 deposit, and that is the mimimum.
Let's hope CS have this right though, BelleRock originally told a player it was 50c per line!

I hope so VWM. I sent my email last night though. And CS replied that they were unable to furnish a reply at that time. They forwarded it to the promo dept., so I'm assuming that my reply came from the horse's mouth so to speak. I think I'll probably try to do it, at least for the minimum just to see how it turns out. Anyone else who does it, post your results here as well, on Xmas, or after Xmas. This is a new kind of promo, and I'm curious to see what kind of results everyone gets back from them.
So the minimum for the free spins will be .20 X 8 line = $1.60 (X 12 spins). Total is a value of $19.20. Sounds fair to me

As much as I like Villento, I can't agree on that one Pina. You guys had to email them to get the info for one thing. As a regular player, if I saw this promo it wouldn't even occur to me that it would be on less lines than the default for the slot. I think promos like this are misleading and I would have ended up pissed off if I had wagered and then received that. It's the story of the industry: you expect one thing and usually receive less!

I'm surprised casinos don't pay more attention to managing expectations: this is why many players move on. They would have been better off saying clearly that the promo would provide a minimum of 12 spins of $0.05 (total $1 per spin) or something, then providing a better deal to the player if they felt the need. That way the player goes in with low expectancy and gets more than they bargained for. Happy player. Happy casino.

This is why 32Red have gained the reputation they have but very few others have cottoned on yet - good news for 32Red obviously. They know exactly how to manage player expectations.

Now I have seen this and the Belle Rock promo, I'll be approaching Free Spin promotions with some cynicism.
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I have to agree with you Simmo! We shouldn't have to ask about the details of a promotion. It should be spelled out for us when offered. We only knew to ask Villento because of the bad taste left by Belle Rock's promotion.

In both cases I had played and qualified for the frees spins before the promotion was announced. If I had been a player who deposited simply to take advantage of the promotion I would be extremely disappointed with the casino group.

When looking at a promotion such as this the only obvious assumption is you play on all lines. Plain and simple. It never crossed my mind it wouldn't be on all lines. I believe that was the impression we were meant to take away.
I just played the bonus. I wagered thousands and received only the minimum 12 x $0.20x8. I won $5 over these 12 spins, which was given to me as a bonus. I worked the $5 up to $10. I could have cashed out my $5 in winnings at that point. Instead I attempted to go higher and busted. I am disappointed with the promotion and will be hesitant about similar promotions in the future.
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I emailed Villento. Here is their response:

Hi xxxxxxx,

Thank you for contacting Support, and Merry Christmas!

In order to claim the free spins on Avalon, all you need to do is go to the game, and click on spin. The free spins page should automatically show up. However, I see that your free spins have not been allocated as yet, and I have forwarded this request to the promotions department.

You should be able to claim the spins within the next hour.

You can claim the free spins anytime from midnight PST on the 24th December until midnight PST on the 25th December.

I sincerely apologize for the delay, and any inconvenience caused.

I hope you have an excellent day xxxxxxx!

Warm regards


So if you click on spin and it doesn't start the free spins I would email them.
I emailed them... kind of annoyed that I even had to. Hopefully they respond soon as you have to play by midnight and I don't have all day to sit on the computer waiting. Not a good start to my Christmas morning!
Nothing for me either. **sigh** I know these things are never simple to set up, but they've known about this promo for weeks... I've got other things to do....
I also have not been able to get my free spins, Ive emailed them twice and nothing, then i went to there chat this morning and he told me to try later because there might be a technical problem, so i guess i will just wait.
Silky... you've got a horseshoe hidden somewhere?? LOL I did get my spins. Finished w/ $10.00. When I get time this evening I'll go lose it properly.... Like in 50 spins @ 20cents per spin. :D
I played mine last night and won $9.00. Played it all out on King Cashalot. Figured it takes only one spin to hit that jackpot too bad not one of mine.

lol Addisyn you and your King cashalot

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