Villento Las Vegas...anyone played there ?

My personal experience: Customer service is good. Cash outs are relatively quick -- I think they have a the dreaded 24 hour holding period, but once past that, I got my money promptly. I haven't played there very much as I just haven't that much to 'spread around' anymore. They had been sending me 20% offers and I deleted them. Received a 40% bonus offer in email last weekend, took them up on it and it was in my account quickly. :thumbsup:

And here's another thread....
I'm part of the 32Red/Dash fan club...but I have played at Villento and had nothing but extremely positive experiences. Support is fast (live chat, phone and email). Good selection of games and I did cashout a while back (not a large amount)...cashed out on a Saturday and it was in my Payspark very early Monday morning. They usually send match bonuses every weekend (20-30%), and also give triple loyalty pts on certain games and the occasional random bonus. Overall, I'd recommend them, but that's just me. There were some people here that had some issues when they first opened re: spamming. Not sure if that's been rectified or not. They are the only other casino I'll play at besides 32Red and company. JMO.
Just got an email re Villento Las Vegas just wondering if anyone has played there before ?
I played there within the past week. They seem up to date with SW and games. I gained +$530 on a $100 deposit. Payouts have taken ~4 days, which is slower than usual for MG using Neteller. They gave me 20,000 loyalty points yesterday, which can be exchanged for $20 worth of chips..
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I like Villento alot ! Have cashed out there quite a few times and like Mouse said after the 24 hours I usually have my payout a few hours later . I also think my money lasts a little longer there also. :thumbsup:
I like Villento alot ! Have cashed out there quite a few times and like Mouse said after the 24 hours I usually have my payout a few hours later . I also think my money lasts a little longer there also. :thumbsup:
I just received my 3rd Neteller cashout. My cashouts have been much slower than others in this thread:

Cashout #1 -- 4 Days
Cashout #2 -- 3 Days
Cashout #3 -- 5 Days
Average -- 4 Days

Perhaps they are hoping that I'll play more and lose my winnings. I gained $500 on my initial $100 deposit and have been cashing out incrementally.
Why don't you read the T&C's? :confused:

I will save you the bother - NO blackjack allowed in WR.
The general T&C lists no BJ, but they also write:

"Where use of the Bonus System is in place for the promotion, the terms and conditions around the Bonus System will prevail."

The bonus system T&C says:
"The contributing percentages are as follows:

1. Slots, American Roulette and Parlor Games count 100% towards wagering requirements
2. Table Poker, all Roulettes excluding American Roulette, Casino War and Sicbo count 50% towards wagering requirements
3. Video Poker, all Blackjacks except Classic Blackjack, Craps and Baccarat count 10% towards wagering requirements
4. Classic Blackjack counts 2% towards wagering requirements"

I understand this to mean the wagering requirements listed above prevail for the sign on bonus. I only played BJ and French Roulette and had no issues. I would not recommend BJ to meet wagering requirements, as it only counts 10%.
Villento Las Vegas Changes their terms and conditions for the sign up bonus. Now you can play black jack.

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Updated 28 August 2006

(strange that they made the page such that mouse actions are all disabled. e.g right and left click.)

4. The following wagering requirements affect this <u>New Player Opening Bonus

(Deposits + Bonus) must be wagered 20 times

The following chart displays the percentage weighting that each game type contributes to the required wagering. Where the percentage is less than 100%, players are required to increase their wagering of the Deposit + Bonus on that game type;
E.g. Table poker has a 50% weighting, and requires a 40 times wagering (20 times / 50%).

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