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Jan 19, 2010
I got an email from villento(sp) and rich reels promising up to 70percent bonus, well I am not a highroller, I can only afford to dep like 20.00 at a time. I have had some issues with them before but I have had really good luck at rich reels. Anyhow, I contacted live support to ask for my little bonus and guess what, they said I wasn't offered any bonus at the moment. My question is why they send me these emails? I know that even at 70percent my bonus would only be 14.00 but that is enough for me to have a good time with. Anyway, thanks for listening.

In their download when you log in to the bottom left is where you should be able to claim your bonus yourself. That is how I have always claimed mine, here is a copy of how they say to claim your bonus.

How to redeem Claim bonus by visiting your lobby once qualifying deposits made.

I hope this helps you.

Before the "microgaming change for u.s. players and when we could play progressives and new games", I won frequently at Villento and payout was relative fast.

Since the "change" stopped playing villento and rich reels because very low payout, bonus sucks better payout at RTG and EH group.

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