Vikings Go Berserk study


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Jan 17, 2014
That was a clever answer - the RTP 'doesn't change when the meters are nearly full'. We guessed that, and have not suggested the game's factory RTP is in any way changeable regardless of the meters. What we are saying is that WITHIN that 96.1% RTP the game has, the parse values are different somehow when the meters are nearly full. OK, say a slot has 80% of its RTP in the base game and 15% for the bonus rounds and 1% RTP allocated to a special random feature say like a Wildstorm so we get a 96% RTP. The spins in the 15% bonus part of the RTP will often be variable, with retriggers for example but overall over a large sample value the game will still pay around 15% in the features.

It seems like the cumulative triggering in the case of VGB, i.e. the spins preceding it (where players have observed a substantial drop) is somehow clumped together with the spins once the feature has started. In other words once a point has been reached on the Rage Meters this triggers a period of play INCLUDING the free games which may or may not pay back the cost of the poor spins preceding the Rage Meter trigger, i.e. the whole period of play forms the feature. This is the only way I can explain what is in my mind is a pretty concrete observation, not just on my behalf but that of other players.

When I did the original video review of this game I think I even mentioned it then, as it was completely obvious from the first time I played it that at a certain point the slot's performance dipped when near the Rage trigger. I have played it many time since in fun mode and nothing has made me change my view of what I observed. I honestly believe that if a number of us all tested this out and kept stats that there WOULD be a very positive correlation relating to what I and other players are suggesting. :thumbsup:

Yes a good response for sure!

I have spoken to yggdrasil and they deny any and all of these claims which I am sure they will do when they see this post. Which is fine whatever.

Also, in regards to my earlier post about the rtp after 30,000 spins. One thing I was surprised to see is how close the rtp was. Obviously a coincidence but I fully expected the rtp to be different by 5-10%. Not just by over 1%. Pretty neat.


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Feb 1, 2018

This is probably the slot I have lost most money on during my playing "career".
I have calculated roughly 10000€ in losses playing Vikings go Berzerk during two years.
The more you like a slot the more you will loose on it. Easy maths + some issues being
a slot player without any concern about what my future looks like now.

But the main point is that it is very easy for everyone that have actually played this slot to confirm
everything OP tells.
Everyone that I have talked to who played Vikings and where I read in forums knows how this slot works by experience.
Best strategy if you really really want to have a RTP above 30% is to use mostly bonus money and real money on higher bets to build rage meter up to 60-70%.
Rage meter build CHANGES when the rage meter is around this level.
When you are stasified you change to minimum bets and build the rest of the rage meter which takes so many spins you should just put it on auto spin and
full speed for about an hour or so. And then pray that the berzerk spins are accepatable.

I find it actually quite sickening that a representative of Yggdrasil says: "No it does not work that way as" as the OP states without
any technical proof. I can say, yes it does work that way I did above. Who will you believe?
Maybe the one that has lost a lot of money on this slot?
Anyone can talk about RTP is 90 whatever %, but in the end it does not matter. You won't win anything on this slot in the long run.
Just try it for a couple of weeks or months and you will understand.

Anyway, creds to the designers of the slot and the music. It was fun sometimes.
But too bad I messed up on this slot in my dreams of hitting Ragnarok on high bets.

Just an opinion from a very experienced Vikings go Berzerk player.